Cricket is a very exciting sport and people love to watch and play it. I am also a big fan of cricket and can easily understand the problem of people who want the best apps for live match scores, but the tough schedule does not allow them to enjoy cricket matches as they want.

So, instead of asking people about scores, have the Best Apps For Live Match Scores for android. These apps will aware you of all kinds of trending cricket matches along with the ball-to-ball details.

Moreover, We want to update readers with the most trending information. Now the one-day ICC Cricket World Cup is a topic of discussion. Therefore We decided to dedicate this article to all those people whose heartbeat just for cricket (as you and me).

There are many possibilities that you may lose a match because of the business of life. But there is no chance of missing live cricket scores and updates by making Android apps for live cricket scores.

These best apps for live match scores fill your cricketing spirit in a very beautiful way and make you feel like you are watching a match. The live cricket score app also gives you the confidence to engage in a warm conversation that your friends will do after the cricket match.

List of the Best Apps for live match scores while travelling:

Best Apps for live match scores

1. Cricbuzz App: Best Apps for live match scores

Cricbuzz mobile app and a reliable IPL 2021 Live Scorecard test app on your mobile screen. It provides instant burning instantaneous. You do not need to checkpoints again Cricbuzz will send you updates using smart alerts. 

This cricket app keeps you informed of anything new happening in the cricket world. Not just photos, news, and videos and you can view the IPL Points Table in the Cricbuzz mobile app.

2. ESPNcricinfo App

ESPNcricinfo provides fast and accurate scores of any cricketing event taking place in the world. ESPNcricinfo app users can get the ball through the ball commentary of any IPL live match. They can customize the app according to the team of their choice to stay updated.

This is a decent app within one option. Sometimes the ESPNcricinfo app has some issues related to connectivity but overall, it is a very good option to check the live IPL 2021 score. The app is small (20 MB) and has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

3. CricHeroes App

This is the Best Free Cricket App to monitor Live Scores in IPL 2021 matches and other cricket tournaments as well. The CricHeroes App is also known as the World’s Number 1 Cricket Scoring App that provides live football to IPL scores and fast commenting. 

It also provides the Full IPL Match Scorecard, summary, game analysis, game heroes, game man, and details of the most important player in the game. It has 4.6 ratings in the Google Play Store with over a million downloads.

4. IPL T20 Official App: Best Apps for live match scores of IPL match

This is the most authentic and easy install App for Android and Apple users. This is a very simple design and very easy to understand. You can catch the IPL live score immediately through the ball by ball commentary. Also, IPL fixtures are available to check when your favorite teams are going to strike. 

IPL 2021 highlights are also exclusively available here which you cannot find anywhere else on the internet. The IPL T20 APK app is very fast, fluent, and loads in a second to provide IPL updates to the users. The app is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple Plus Store.

5. Cricket 24 App

This is a fast and easy cricket scoring app that can be used to monitor more than 100 cricket tournaments. The Cricket 24 app provides complete statistics including scorecards and player data. 

You can select the app notifications option to stay updated with any live Live IPL game. In the Google Play Store, it has 4.3 ratings and over 50k + downloads.

6. Cricket Fast Live Line App

This is very easy (14MB) and is one of the Best Cricket Online Scoring App with over a million downloads on the Google Play Store. You can check Live IPL Score updates for minimal battery usage and data usage. The Fast Live Line app provides the ball with the live score, pitch report, and full IPL cards anytime anywhere.

The free version of this app contains ads and to remove ads, you need to purchase the premium version of the Fast Live Line App. If you are in this application just buy. It will be worth all the money.

7. Ixigo App: Best Apps for live match scores while travelling

The most awaited cricket tournament is aired now. And it is the 12 season of our country. In case you missed any live score. It will cover-up by the ixigo app.

How to access:-
● Download the ixigo train app from the play store.
● While you open the app. One can redirect open the homepage.
● Go to the bottom bar and select entertainment.
● From there you can access all the cricket news as well as international too.
● You can share it on WhatsApp too, so just enjoy the journey through the app.

Survey:- According to a survey, 93% of travelers keep tracking scores while they are on a journey. And most of the people face low internet connection which put them in trouble to access. However, ixigo come up with this solution. It has leveraged its ability to work even in low network connections. And one can add an IPL scoreboard to the home screen of the ixigo trains app.

Commenting on this, Rajnish Kumar, CTO & Co-Founder, ixigo said, “At Ixigo, our goal is to address the issues of tourist pain. With the IPL season at its peak, we thought it would be a pleasure to know how we can help our passengers enjoy the game of their choice, even if they go beyond a less able accessible network.”

This survey helped us figure out what they wanted, and we delivered! Checking live match scores while traveling was never simpler. Moreover, ixigo Trains App users can subscribe to notifications for their preferred match to receive live score updates. The best part is that our Train app is optimized for seamless operation despite low network connections.