Situated between Maharashtra and Gujarat, the beautiful union territories of India, Dadra & Nagar Haveli is a must-visit destination for every tourist. Today, we’ll talk about certain best places to visit in Dadra & Nagar Haveli in this post. The journey to Dadra and Nagar Haveli will undoubtedly be one of the nicest excursions you will ever have.

14 Top Places in Dadra & Nagar Haveli

1. Vanganga Lake Garden

Vanganga lake garden is in-built with a beautiful lake and mini forest which gives tourists an alluring experience. This garden is spread over 7.58 hectares with unique Japanese-style bridges and signature bridges. Both bridges connect central islands to the main garden. Major attractions of the garden include garden view, paddling, boating, open-restaurant, open musical fountain, fun-loving dancing space, and garden view. Anyone can visit this garden via Surat and Mumbai airport and Mumbai-Baroda-Delhi highways.

Suitable time to explore this place – Tourists can visit from 6 Am to 7:30 Pm. The best time to enjoy the famous musical fountain show is 7 Pm.

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2. Swaminarayan Temple

On the shores of the Daman River Basin, Swaminarayan Temple is a magnificent example of creative splendor. Irrespective of faith, if visitors have a close watch for design, a picture of the temple will pique their interest in planning to travel to the site. The wide landscape, as well as stately and interesting monuments, captivate visitors. The temple architecture is worth exploring as it was constructed using domes and walls without using cement.

Suitable time to visit the temple – Early morning and Evening are the spiritual time to visit this temple.

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3. Madhu ban Dam

Madhu ban dam is located 40 kilometers downriver of the Damini Ganga. This place is always a fascinating destination for the star attractions. Tourists can find many sports activities like water rides, passenger Boat Rides, scooter rides, Speed Boat rides, Aqua bike rides. Surrounding water sports, tourists can also enjoy forest views, where they can find natural scenic beauty. Near the forests, numerous luxurious tent facilities are available where visitors stay and also cook their food by themselves.

Suitable time to explore – This place is open for all days; tourists can visit anytime.

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4. Tribal Museum Silvassa

The tribal museum represents all the tribes of the Dadra & Nagar haveli. Tourists can visit this place to know more about the lifestyles and culture of Dadra and Nagar haveli tribes. Ornamental things, musical instruments, hunting tools, agriculture tools, and other things are also decorated in the museum, these things utilized by tribes. The museum exhibits the rich and vibrant socio-cultural legacy of the Varli, Kathodia, Dodhiya, Kokna, as well as other peoples who live in and near the forest areas of this land.

Suitable time to visit this museum – Evening time from 9 AM to 6 PM (Tuesday to Sunday) but closed on Monday.

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5. Himaivan Health Resort, Kauncha

Himaivan Health Resort in Kauncha is famous for its name, Himai, an Adivasi tribal goddess who lives nearby. Van derives its name from the word “forest.” It is situated in the tranquil and peaceful neighborhood of Kauncha village, with a luscious green mountaintop as a backdrop and a vast reservoir as a waterfront. This offers picturesque cottages and rooms that completely cover 2.00 hectares of area. It has a gazebo, a fitness club, a café, a large lawn space, as well as outdoor gym facilities, making it the best places to visit in Dadra & Nagar Haveli and to relax or go hiking in the neighboring forest.

Suitable time to visit – No fixed time

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6. Kauncha

Kauncha, located on the Madhuban Dam’s embankment, is the quintessential and must-see destination for wildlife enthusiasts. Kauncha’s lush forests, stunning mountain ridges, and gorgeous landscapes entice and hook tourists’ attention, while tribal life makes them envious of their simple and contented way of living in the presence of nature’s beauty. Visitors enjoy this amazing natural place without any technological advancements. Tourists can enjoy many adventurous activities like paddling, surfing boats, skiing, as well as canoeing are just a few of the activities available to thrill-seekers. 

Suitable time – February is the best time to explore this place. 

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7. Tapovan Tourist Complex, Bindrabin

Next to Tadkeshwar Temple is the Tapovan Tourist Resort. Lord Shiva under the sun is the meaning of the word Tadkeshwar. Tapovan Tourist Complex features a lovely garden as well as three rooms that are generally reserved by worshippers who come to pray at the temple. A National symbol Amusement Park, as well as a multi-play station for children as well as an Outdoor Gym for adults, is located in this garden. Visit Tadkeshwar Temple and meditate in the tranquility of the virginal scenery on the banks of the river Sakartod.

Best time – May to June & September to November.

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8. Dudhni Lake

The lakeside of Dudhni is located 40 kilometers from Silvassa. For its grandeur, the lake is sometimes regarded as Kashmir of the West. This lake is covered side by side by small hills. Major attractions of Dudhni Lake include many water sports activities like boating speed boating Shikara rides, water scooters, jet skis, forest trekking all these adventurous activities enhance your adrenaline flow. 

Suitable time – Monsoon & Winters from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Price – Rs.250-300/- for boat riding

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9. Church of Our Lady of Piety

One of the most seasoned and most notable spots of Dadra and Nagar haveli is the congregation of the church of our lady of piety. This heritage site is situated just opposite the tribal museum. The church is purely built with grey stones to the exterior and their walls are designed and decorated with attractive last suppers, which are designed by awesome arts and are best places to visit in Dadra & Nagar Haveli. Their architecture is the main tourist attraction. 

Suitable time to explore – Visitors can visit this church on any weekdays from 7 Am to 7 Pm.

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10. Nakshatra Garden

Nakshatra Garden is a nakshatra or Astro theme-based garden. The garden is a beautifully designed blend of different plants linked with different zodiac signs. The Garden is specifically designed for astrology. The garden space is distributed into a different entertaining zone, a kids zone where kids can find different play activities. Another zone includes all the medicinal plants and herbs, by exploring this place tourists can enhance their ayurvedic knowledge. Major attractions of the garden include zodiac signs-based plants, beautiful walking tracks, ponds, kids play zone, and botanical gardens. 

Suitable time to explore – The park is open from 6:30 Am to 7:00 pm all weekdays.

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11. Khanvel

Khanvel is the traditional village of Dadra Nagar Haveli. This village is one of the best places to visit in Dadra & Nagar Haveli and a must-visit place for every tourist. The major attraction of this mesmerizing place is their beautiful greenery and water activities like boating etc. The village still carries the identity of their tribal culture by wearing their tribal clothes. Tourists can also visit other places in khanvel like the church of our lady of piety, van vihar tourist complex, and many more. We already mentioned this in the article.

Suitable timings – April to June are the ideal time to visit this place.

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12. Hirwa Van Garden

Hirwa Van garden is among the unique and best places to visit in Dadra & Nagar Haveli. It is situated in Piparia, Silvassa. The beautiful place is mainly famous for its lush greenery, beautiful plants, and colorful flowers. The waterfall of the garden is a major attraction of the garden and it gives an astonishing view. In the morning, nearby people visit this place for physical activities like exercise, walking, jogging, chatting, and relaxation.

Suitable time to explore – Tourists can visit this place at any time but for great views, November to March is the best time.

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13. Silvassa Vasona Lion Safari

Vasona Lion Safari is the best place for animal lovers or wildlife enthusiasts. For tourists’ ease, the government of Dadra & Naveli provides safari services to explore this beautiful destination. The park is especially famous for its Asiatic lion reserve. and is a major attraction. The park is enriched with various species like lions, pythons, and reptiles. 

Suitable time to explore – The visiting time to explore this place is from 9:00 Am to 5:00 Pm.

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14. Luhari, Silvassa

Luhari is the most magnificent place of Dadra & Nagar Haveli. The place is a cluster hub of adventure. When tourists visit Dadra, they must visit this beautiful adventurous village. Because tourists can find so many amusing activities like trekking, camping, playing and hiking. For staying, many small resorts are available in the forests, where tourists can enjoy living under the natural beauty. Luhari is the ideal location for unwinding as well as relaxing in the midst of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The picturesque village, located 14 kilometers from Silvassa, is worth a visit for its stunning nature & special visitor experiences.

Suitable time to visit – October-December & January-March.

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Sum up

Travelling is the best activity to enamor. India is the biggest and most populous country, where many places remain untouched. Above we mentioned the best places to visit in Dadra & Nagar Haveli. Explore Dadra and Nagar Haveli and enter your experience in comment section.