Searching for a peaceful location to spend time with your loved ones? Then, Ladakh is the place made for you. Whether you are getting ready for a family trip or a heartfelt excursion or outing with companions or contemplating a performance trip. Ladakh is the region suitable for any kind of trip you are planning to. Ladakh comprises many beautiful luxurious locations and their surrounding peaceful serene environment which makes your trip unforgettable. Here today in this post, we are going to explore the best places to visit in Ladakh, as this post will guide you during your Ladakh trip.

10 Enthralling Destination To Visit In Ladakh

1. Thiksey Monastery

This monastery is situated 19 km from the east side of Leh in Ladakh. Mainly famous among Buddhist devotees as it has the largest gompa, which makes it the largest monastery in Ladakh. The monastery is well-known for the Maitreya Buddha statue, which is 49 ft tall, hooks the tourist attraction.

Major tourist attractions – In the month of October to November, the monastery is decorated in the celebration of the famous annual festival called the Gustor ritual. This festival is the major tourist spot as many visitors explore their culture & traditions.

Suitable time to visit – Travelers can make a trip to visit this monastery from May to November. October & November are the best times.

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2. Nubra Valley

For history lovers, the Nubra Valley is one of the most-visited places. This valley is considered the old and historical part of Ladakh. Nubra valley comprises the word “Nubra”, which means “valley of flowers”.

Major tourist attractions – The valley includes everything, which attracts travelers. Beautifully designed monasteries are the biggest tourist spot, surrounding scenic views and colorful flowers make this place worth visiting in Ladakh.

Suitable visiting time – Generally travelers can visit anytime, but the most suited time is from April-June & September-October.

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3. Pangong Tso

Pangong lake is a must-visit destination as it comes under the category of best places to visit in Ladakh. It is generally situated at an elevation of 4350m. Its name basically derives from the famous Tibetan word named “Pangong Tso”, which implies “top or high grassland lake”. This place is a very colorful destination filled with beautiful sceneries. 

Major tourist attractions – near the Pangong Tso lake, so many places to visit include Chang-Chenmo Mountains, Spangmik village, and many more. The nearby Spangmik village is mainly famous for its picturesque beauty. By visiting the heartfelt Hemis religious monastery or community, anybody can partake in a quiet second with nature.

Appropriate visiting time – Summers are the best chance to enjoy the excellence of this spot. As in winters, the lake freezes, so it would be very difficult for the tourists to enjoy during wintertime.

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4. Diskit Monastery 

This monastery is located in Nubra valley, about which we already talked about in the above section. The Diskit monastery is situated at an elevation of around 10,308 ft. Monasteries are always the center of attraction for every visitor as they found many historical facts regarding Buddhist culture. 

Major tourist attractions – The inside-outside beauty of this monastery is the main attraction for the tourists/ travelers. Another major attraction of Diskit monastery is the Lachung temple, which is situated just above the monastery. This monastery is best for history lovers as they found several Tibetan and Mongolian texts, images, and sculptures. From the Diskit monastery, tourists can find many beautiful views of the nearby scenic landscape and Diskit village. 

Suitable visiting timings – The tourists can visit from 7 Am to 6 Pm. Mostly the suitable month to visit this destination is from May to September, during these months, the weather condition is quite optimum for visitors. Diskit Monastery is the top area of interest and the best places to visit in Ladakh.

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5. Khardung La

The Khardung la pass is the section to the Nubra and Shyok valleys. The is situated at the altitude of 17,582 ft and is considered the world’s top highest motorable pass. 

Major tourist attractions – The pass is surrounded by clusters of beautiful mountains, which creates awesome beauty. This is the best destination among visitors as they came here to click some photographs. Surrounding magnificent mountains create a serene environment free from any noise. 

Suitable time – April-June & September-October are the best months to plan a visit to Khardung La pass.

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6. Spiti Valley

Covered by a glorious beauty, the place is like a heaven, especially for peace lovers. The valley is generally situated on the northeastern side of Himachal Pradesh. This beautiful valley is covered by mountain ranges. 

Major tourist attraction – Spiti valley has many places to explore with the family. Chicham bridge, Hikkim village, Tabo caves, Langza village, Tabo monastery, Dhankar lake, Pin valley national park, Key monastery, and Lhalung monastery, are some of the most visited destinations in Spiti valley. Many researchers visit this place to study Buddhist culture and nearby traditions.

Suitable time visit – March and June are the best time to explore this gorgeous destination in Ladakh.

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7. Zanskar Valley

Zanskar valley is a beautiful part of the Kargil district situated in Ladakh. The valley is surrounded by beautiful long-range mountains. Most tourists came to Zanskar valley in search of peace & tranquility.

Major attraction – The valley is famous for its snow-capped mountain regions. Zankar valley comprises many stunning places like Suru valley, Doda river, Shafat glacier, Sani monastery. This is one of the best destination spots for photography. The valley is also recognized for its adventurous activities.

Suitable time to explore – In summer, June-September is the ideal time. And in the winter season, December to February are the best time to explore this astonishing place.

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8. Markha Valley

Markha valley is one of the most crowded tourist destinations in Ladakh. The valley is located near the Rumbak and is a must-visited place for trekking lovers. The nearby Markha river passes from Nimaling Chu and Langtang Chu. The river also flows from Hemis national park.

Major tourist attractions – The valley is a hotspot for many adventurous activities like trekking and climbing. The views surrounding the valley attract many tourists every year. Near the Nimaling regions, many tourists came for picnics or to spend some quality time with their friends and families. Always remember to carry your own food or raw food because restaurants are very far away. Many tourists came with raw food materials and cooked them naturally. This will create something like an exciting experience.

Suitable visiting time – To visit this beautiful, gorgeous valley, the suitable time is from June to October. 

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9. Hemis National Park

Hemis public park is situated at a high rise. The park is the largest protected area and famous globally. This national park is considered the second most protected area of India. 

Major tourist attractions – The park’s main attraction is Snow Leopard, as many visitors just came to see. The park nearby, Markha river is also the major tourist spot as many tourists visit the river for its serene environment. It is estimated that approx. 200 snow leopards were found in the park. Park comprises many beautiful flora and fauna species. Many unique bird species also hook the visitors like brown accentor, Himalayan snowcock, black-winged snow finch, red-billed chough, and many more species, all together making this the best place to visit in Ladakh.

Suitable visiting time – In the months of June and October, the weather conditions are a little bit improved, so June-October is an ideal time to explore this location.

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10. Tso Moriri Lake

Tso Moriri Lake is otherwise called “Mountain Lake”, arranged at the height of 14,836 ft in Changthang Plateau, Ladakh. This serene river destination is the never missed destination of the Ladakh trip. It is one of the biggest high-raised lakes in Ladakh.

Major tourist attractions – Near the lake, travelers find many magnificent and stunning views of the Himalayan regions. The lakeside views are also exceptionally beautiful views that attract many tourists. A trip without visiting this charming lake is incomplete as its beauty makes it a mandatory place to visit in Ladakh. Anyone can visit this place via Leh airport, which is just 240 km away, making it accessible to reach.

Suitable time to visit – June to August is the suitable time to visit this place. 

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Do you feel excited after reading this? Well, It’s common for everyone. Filled with exotic beauty, a serene environment, and a taste of different cultures, Ladakh is a dream destination for everyone. If you have already made up your mind to visit this zestful destination and are confused, where to start? Then, Don’t worry, by going through this article, you will get the list of famous and most beautiful best places to visit in Ladakh.