Manipur is a state in North-East India. It is well known for its valleys which are surrounded by hills and lakes. It is also the pride of northeast India because of its rich culture and historical locations. The land of gems is also described as ‘Suvarnabhu’ meaning the land of gold. The best time to visit Manipur is between November to April. The weather is soothing and cozy to make your trip memorable. In this article, you will get insights into the best places to visit in Manipur, and trust me you won’t regret going through it.

6 Best Places to Visit in Manipur

Manipur Tourist Places

  • Imphal

Topping the list we have Imphal which is the most famous and best place in the north-eastern region of India. This is the heart of Manipur. It has beautiful foothills and hilltops surrounded by lakes and high glistening waterfalls you have ever stumbled upon. Throughout the day the city is filled with crowds and vendors selling rare spices and herbs, puppets used in festivals, and a fermented fish called ngari. Places to visit in Imphal are Loktak Lake, Manipur State Museum, Kangla fort, etc. The best time to visit Imphal is between September to April.

  • Bishnupur

This holy town is second on our list of best places to visit in Manipur as it is covered with vast grassland and dense forest. It is a pilgrim destination for many people. Despite the religious values, it is also architecturally attractive for many tourists. This town is a hub of places to worship. Places to visit in Bishnupur are Dal Madol, Susunia Pahar, Jor Bangla Temple etc. The best time to visit Bishnupur is between October to March.

  • Churachandpur or Lamka

This is Manipur’s second-largest town. It has its cultural value. It is also home to many tribal communities who also found the town. Language is not a hindrance over there as the locals can speak and understand Hindi, English, and Manipuri languages very well. It has its rich natural beauty. It is a developing and not a backward city as there are many museums, schools, and dams which attract many travelers and tourists around. The best places to visit in Churachandpur are Ngaloi Falls, Khuga Dam, Tuibuong Tribal Museum, etc. The best time to visit Churachandpur is between October to April.

  • Thoubal 

A trekker’s paradise. A must-visit place for people who love picnics, trekking, and mountain hiking. This is the best place for holiday destinations and for those who are willing to do various activities in pleasant weather. The whole area is filled with flora, paddy fields, and grasslands with an abundance of bamboo and banyan trees. Tourists can also go boating in lakes. It also provides a great view of Imphal city and various water bodies like rivers and waterfalls from a high point of view from mountains. It is a perfect mixture of nature and culture as it is covered with beautiful greenery and tourists can also have the fun of visiting famous landmarks called the People’s Museum. Tourists can also buy local handicrafts, jewelry, and handloom from the market and keep them as a souvenir. Places to visit in Thoubal are the People’s Museum, Louis Lake, Imphal River, Thoubal Bazar, Ikop Lake, etc. The best time to visit Thoubal is in October when the weather is dense and soothing for sightseeing.

  • Chandel

The flora and fauna. It has a lot of wildlife sanctuaries. The place is filled with lush green grasslands and dense forest which is home to many species of animals. It is a perfect and the best place in Manipur for wildlife lovers. It also connects India to Myanmar. The natural beauty is such that you can feel the freshness of the air in nature and meditate.  Attractive places to visit in Chandel are Moreh, Tengnoupal, Yangoupokpi-Lokchao Wildlife Sanctuary. The best time to visit Chandel is between November to April.

  • Tamenglong

Tamenglong or the Land of Hornbill is considered one of the best places to visit in Manipur. It is a must-visit place for bird lovers. Tourists can find pure bliss in this nature which has rare species of birds and herbs which are not commonly found anywhere. The beauty of this forest is such that no person would want to leave and be settled there for a long time. It is a heaven for nature lovers. There are numerous rivers and waterfalls which increases the charm of that place. The best places to visit in Tamenglong are Zeilad Wildlife Sanctuary, Zeilad Lake, Barak Waterfalls, Tharon Cave, Burning Meadow, etc. The best time to visit Tamenglong is between October to April.


These are the list of best places to visit in Manipur. The list is everlasting but here we come to an end. Some honorable mentions to visit in Manipur are Senapati, Andro, Khongjom, Ukhrul, Dzukou Valley, etc. The best time to visit these places is between October to March.

Manipur has its own culture and natural beauty and it should be a place to visit in every tourist’s bucket list visiting north-east India.

Whether you are a nature lover, or animal lover, or someone who wants to go for long vacations and do mountain trekking and boating, Manipur has everything to offer. From vast dense grasslands and forests, cultural monuments preserved in museums, local handicrafts, handlooms, rare spices and herbs from markets, rare species of birds, to beautiful waterfalls and rivers.

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