A trip to Sikkim is a great idea to spend the holidays. Sikkim is one of the most amazingly beautiful places in India. Sikkim is also recognized as Drenjong in the Tibetan language. It implies a valley of rice. Most tourists always visit Sikkim when exploring India. It is the paradise of India; this name is given by the Lepcha people (or Nye-mae-el) for its beauty. Here in this article, we give details of all the best places to visit in Sikkim, India. So you get every information about the Sikkim trip.

You can reach Sikkim from any transport option like airways, roadways or through railways. But many tourists have confusion regarding what place to visit first or which later. Not only the place’s beauty but Sikkim’s hospitality is also top-notch.

12 Best Places to Visit in Sikkim

1. Tsomgo lake

Tsomgo lake is also recognized by the name of Changgu lake. It is placed at the height or altitude of 12400 ft on the east side of Sikkim state. This lake is 40 km far away from the Sikkim capital, Gangtok. Tsomgo lake freezes in the winter season and shows some colorful reflections. Many people around them believe that this place is a kind of healing place or jhakris. You can reach this place via Gangtok within 2 hours, which means after visiting Gangtok you can continue your journey to Tsomgo lake.

The gigantic views of Tsomgo lake give you the feeling of smoothness. You can also see many different plant species and birds around Tsomgo lake. Shiva temple near the lake is also the attraction point of visitors or tourists. You can also see many beautiful flowers like rhododendrons, poppies, primulas, and irises, etc., and these flowers create some colorful scenic beauty near the lake.

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2. Gangtok

Gangtok is called the Sikkim capital and it is one of the most glorious places of Sikkim. The majority of tourists come to this area to enjoy their culture. Gangtok is the attraction point of Sikkim. Gangtok is mainly famous for its monasteries.

In Gangtok, you can also visit Buddhist monasteries to know more about Buddhist culture. Rumtek monastery Rumtek monastery is the most beautiful destination to explore in Sikkim (or best places to visit in Sikkim).

You can also see this beautiful place from an aerial view via tashi point or Ganesh Tok. Gangtok has so many shopping places, where you can find a variety of things. For example, Wall hangings, Thangkas, Alpine cheese, hand-carved wooden tables, Buddhist figurines, and Sikkimese cups are some favorite tourist attractions.

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3. Nathula pass

This is a very important place for Sikkim. This place connects India to Tibet, which means by visiting this place, you can see both the traditions. Through this pass, Indian and Tibetan markets continue their business. Near Nathula pass, a place called kupup, which is always surrounded by rainy clouds.

These cloudy natural beauties you can’t find anywhere except here. Nathula pass plays a vital role in the economy of India. If you want a change in your metro life and want some refreshing vibes, you can visit Nathula pass. 

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4. Kanchenjunga 

Kanchenjunga (or Kangchenjunga), means “The Five Treasures of Snow”. This gorgeous mountain is the third-highest (3rd) peak in the world. It is located on the east side of Nepal which is on the border of Sikkim district. Kanchenjunga is a famous destination for trekking lovers.

Some protected habitats of different wildlife species are found in Kanchenjunga. For visiting these protected habitats, sometimes you need a permit.

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5. Pelling

After Gangtok, Pelling is the most attractive place in Sikkim. Pelling is especially famous for its northeastern foods and many more interesting things like its scenic natural beauty and many gigantic heritage sites. Its culture also lucrates many tourists to visit Sikkim.

If you want to see beautiful scenery, then a suitable time to visit Pelling is around February and in summer. Big Buddha statues can be found in pelling, which gives you the most peaceful experience ever.

Pemayangtse monastery is a beautiful monastery of pelling. This is the reason pelling is the most popular place you can visit when visiting Sikkim (or best places to visit in Sikkim). You can also go trekking, visit beautiful waterfalls near the pelling. Pelling is a hill station located in the west of Sikkim or you can also call it a town situated 10 km distant from geyzing.

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6. Gurudongmar lake

Sikkimese people consider Gurudongmar lake a religious place. This lake is placed at the height or altitude of 17,800 ft on the north side of the Sikkim state. This lake is also worshiped by Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists. Some parts of the lake are never frozen, even in extreme winters.

Historians say that this is due to the lake having the blessings of guru rimpoche. Lying in the mountainous regions, this lake is the worshiping place for people around them. Suitable time to visit Gurudongmar lake is around April and December. April and December. In these seasons, you can see many beautiful things around the lake.

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7. Zuluk

Zuluk is pronounced in various ways like Dzuluk or Jhuluk or Jaluk or Zuluk. Zuluk is placed at the height of 10,000 ft on the east side of Sikkim. Tourists visit this place for the beautiful view of the Himalayas (eastern Himalayas), Kanchenjunga. Zuluk is surrounded by mountainous regions of Himalayas.

Attraction points included the nag temple, which is mainly devoted to nag devta drags tourists attractions. This region of Sikkim is also surrounded by trees or forests, where you can find many different animals, birds like Himalayan monal, Snow pheasant. In summer, Rhododendron covers the entire zuluk region which looks beautiful.

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8. Yumthang valley

Yumthang is well-known for its beautiful flowering range or canyon of flowers. This place is also recognized as the Sikkim canyon of flowers. This beautiful place is all over surrounded by colorful flowers, which allures you and that’s why it is the best place to visit in Sikkim. This place is located at an altitude of around 11,693 ft and it is 150 km away from the Gangtok capital and very close to the China border.

The major attraction of this place is their beautiful flowers including rhododendron, poppies, cobra lilies, irises, and primulas, etc. many more varieties of flowers, you can find there. 

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9. Goecha La

The highest mountain pass in Sikkim is Goechala. Located on the west side of Sikkim. This place is at the height of around 16,207 ft. From Goecha La, you can see Kanchenjunga southeast. This looks like an extremely beautiful view. Many travelers visit this place especially for trekking, hiking, skiing, or other adventurous activities.

If you have a thirst for trekking, adventures, then this place soothes your soul and increases your adrenaline level. The starting point of trekking is Yuksom, which ends at Goecha la pass. The best suitable time to visit or explore this place is from October to November/ or April-May.

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10. Teesta river

The Teesta river holds tourist attention towards its beauty. This river is around 414 km long, flowing from the eastern Himalayas, Sikkim district. This finally enters the Bay of Bengal. Near this river, you can find many beautiful flowers, which creates a scenic colorful beauty surrounding them.

Dikchu bridge is also the major attraction point near this river. You can visit this river in any season, in summer you will find varieties of flowers and in winter, you will find this river in its frozen state, which also creates an amazing view.

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11. Lachung

You will fall in love with this charming place of Sikkim. This place lies at an elevation of 8,610 ft. Lachung is mainly famous as a snow destination and other unswayed beauty. Lachung is an aesthetic village in Sikkim, where you find various attractive sceneries like dark mountains, waterfalls, fruits orchids, beautiful rivers.

The Lachung chu river also enhances the beauty of this village. Lachung is the best place to visit in Sikkim to savor snow and experience peaceful nature. 

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12. Namchi

Namchi is the most gorgeous place in Sikkim. In the Tibetan language, Namchi means the top of the sky and this place looks like this. The distance between the Namchi and Gangtok regions is approx. 92 km. Many Buddhists visit this place for prayers due to this it is considered a pilgrimage site of Sikkim.

The statue of Lord Shiva, which is 108 ft is a major site attraction of this place. The Buddhist Padmasambhava statue, 118 ft long, captures the attention of many tourists. If you like to visit the religious site of Sikkim, then you can also think about Namchi. Namchi is also known as the capital city of south Sikkim.

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Exploring the world is the greatest experience in life. Only a lesser number of people got this chance, so if you got one, you need to visit with your travel partner. If you are an adventure happening lover, then you need to visit Sikkim.

In the above section, we discussed in detail all the best places to visit in Sikkim. Now you just need to book tickets and visit this amazing place in India with your family.