Tripura is a state in north – east India that shares borders with Bangladesh, Assam, and Mizoram. It is one of India’s most gorgeous places, with the hills providing a breathtaking backdrop to the hills and mountains dispersed throughout the state.

The people here speak Bengali, Kokborok, and English, among other languages. Let us look at some of these best places to visit in Tripura!

10 Beautiful Places you can visit in Tripura

1. Amarpura

Amarpura is the most visited picnic place in Tripura. Tourists always visit this place when they come to Tripura. The Amar Sagar is also situated in Amar Pura, an artificial lake formed in the 16th century. Many tourists spent their time near Amar Sagar.

A suitable time to visit Amarpura is the month of February because a fair is organized this month, where you can see beautiful flowers everywhere.

The city name is given after the name of king Amar Manikya. Amarpur city is also famous for various temples devoted to mangal chandi.  

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2. Melaghar

Melaghar is a small beautiful town located in Tripura situated 50 km from Agartala. Major attractions include the beautiful Rudra sagar, Neermahal, Veeramma kali temple, Pagli masi temple, Melaghar kali temple, Jagannathbari, and Joyramthakur ashram are some of the most visited destinations in melaghar.

Rath Yatra, Kali puja festival, and Durga puja festival are some of the best times to explore Melaghar town.

Melaghar is the second most famous for their “melaghar rath ”, the second biggest rath after Mahesh rath of West Bengal in India. 

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3. Agartala (Largest city of Tripura)

Agartala is Tripura state capital and is one of the best places to visit in Tripura. Tripura is the best place to visit if you love visiting architectural heritage. The major attraction of this place includes the ujjayanta palace, hills, pastures, and valleys, which we explained in other sections.

You can see this beautiful place via airways and railways. It is also a major transport hub and houses the airport in the northeastern region.

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4. Kailashahar

In this city, you will find many temples and trekking sites. Significant attractions include lakhi Narayan bari, tea estates, Chouddo devotar temple, and Unokotiswara Kal Bhairava temple.

Suitable time to visit Kailashahar is from October to June, and the tea estates are famous for their natural organic teas.

This town is also known as the fruit bowl of Tripura and has a delicious variety of fruits to offer tourists. It has a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, an important Hindu pilgrimage site.

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5. Jampui Hills

Jampui hills are located in the Northside of the Tripura region. The hill is grown over an area of 1000 meters above sea level. The highest pic of jampui Hills is Thaidawr. Jampui hills are very close to Kailashahar and Dharamanagar. Jampui Hills also comes in the best places to visit in Tripura.

Especially during sunrise and sunset, this place creates a scenic view, which you can’t miss during your Tripura trip. Jampui hills provide a far-reaching view from the top, from where you can see some places of Mizoram. These include waterfalls, temples, caves, and national parks, which offer fantastic landscapes to experience.

The Government of Tripura provides many facilities to visit jump Hills from Agartala. 

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6. Unakoti

It is a small hill also known as the unakoti district and very far from Agartala, specifically 178 km from Agartala. This place is quiet and peaceful and surrounded by beautiful greenery—many kinds of beautifully shaped stones.

Nearby local people worship Shiva because it is believed that lord shiva once visited this place during the journey to Kashi.

You can come to this place to enjoy many festivals & melas like Ashokastami mela, which is mainly organized in April. 

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7. Sepahijala wildlife sanctuary

If visitors enjoy aesthetic surroundings such as animals and plants, visitors can take a trip to this location to learn more about flora and fauna. This is one of the best places to visit in Tripura.

Especially to explore wildlife sanctuaries. In 1987, the sepahijala wildlife sanctuary was declared a protected area.

Many researchers visit this place to study wild life.The nearby City of this Sanctuary is Agartala.

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8. Ambassa

Ambassa is also now the most beautiful town in Tripura. The major attraction includes pilak, chabimura, and nalkata, where you can find many juice plants, which is 38 km away from ambassa and attracts many tourists.

Many handicraft shops are another site attraction for visitors.

You can visit this place via airways by Khowai airport and railways by Penchartal railway station. 

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9. Neermahal palace (or Lake Palace)

First of all, this mahal is located 53 km from Agartala state. It’s mostly centralized in Melaghar, Tripura. The location of neermahal palace is in the center of the Rudra Sagar lake. Due to its location, this palace is known as the neermahal palace and one of the best places to visit in Tripura.

You can’t leave Tripura without seeing this stunning destination. This palace is so huge that it can not even fit a single picture. The white color and red groundwork create such a fantastic look.

The architectural style of neermahal is an amalgam of traditional cultures. Suitable timing to visit this palace is from March to September and from October to February. In these months, you find beautiful views. 

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10. Ujjayanta palace

The ujjayanta palace is one of the royal palaces situated in the Agartala state of Tripura, which is the capital of Tripura. This palace has many traditional values, especially in terms of religion. You can find many famous temples dedicated to the umamaheshwara, Laxmi Narayan, kali, and Jagannath, or many more.

This palace is the major tourist attraction of Tripura, especially its architectural style capturing the eye of every tourist.

This museum palace is situated on two lakes and surrounded by beautiful gardens. The government uses Ujjayanta Palace for its official work and a tourist museum. 

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Tripura seems to have a varied geography as well as a broad range of tourist hotspots. Many best places to visit in Tripura you will never get bored of. In fact, you will enjoy exploring Tripura on your trip.