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Bali is one of the seventeen thousand islands that makes up the Republic of Indonesia. In the midst of several Islamic countries in the world, Bali is a small island where 83.5% of the population adheres to Balinese Hinduism.

Minority religions are Islam(13.37), Buddhism (0.5%), and Christian. (2.47%). It is known as the land of God as there are many temples in Bali.

This beautiful island is put on an Indonesia, in the middle of the ring of fire which is an active volcano. This is the island of God where you can find numerous temples. It is the favorite vacation destination for tourists from the east and west as well as a famous destination for Honeymoon.

Where is Bali? 

Bali is located 3.2 km east of the java sea and 8° south of the equator. java and Bali separated by java strait. The distance of the island from east to west is 153 km and north to south is 112 km. 

The total area covered by this island is 5780 km. sq. and population density is roughly 750 people/ km.sq. 

Bali Map

Bali Geographical Map Location

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The longest river of the Bali Ayung river is about 75 km. The highest mountain of Bali is Mount Agung known as the ‘mother mountain’. It is an active volcano.

Bali Language: 

Most Probably, Balinese and Indonesian spoke Bali Languages.

There are several Balinese indigenous languages. but most Balinese can still make use of the most commonly spoken alternative.

Kawi and Sanskrit are also commonly used by some Hindu priests in Bali, as Hindu literature mostly is written in the Sanskrit language.

After that, English and Chinese are the most common languages of many Balinese, due to the requirements of the tourism industry. 

Bali Visa fees & requirement

In 2018, there are 169 countries that got a free visa to Indonesia. If you are from any of those countries then you can travel to Indonesia for 30 days visa-free. 

Countries like India, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Netherland, Italy, Spain, Canada, Russia, USA, Malaysia, Norway, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Newzealand, Singapore, Thailand, and many more. 

The visa on arrival costs 35 USD (2625 Indian rupees) and can be obtained at the airport.

Best Image

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Bali Weather & Climate

Bali is located about 8° south of the equator. The annual average temperature stays around 26°-27° C and the humidity level is about 85% to 90%. Water temperature also stays about 25° to 31° C throughout the year.

Here, two main distinct seasons. The dry season from April to September and the rainy season from October to March. 

Best Month To Visit Bali || Best Time to Visit Bali

The best season to visit Bali is between the may and end of September. Because most rain comes from December to February during the so-called “pancaroba” season. During these months winds are strong at the coast and the ocean gets rougher too.

Best Time to visit

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Best Time to Visit Bali

To roaming around a city, it is easy to take a ‘bemo’ or taxi for short trips. Hire a jeep or car to go to further. Most people hire a driver who can show them more attraction and it’s comfortable. 

Find an experienced driver, so it could be easy for you to roam around Bali and visit places easily. 

Bali Currency

1 INR= IDR 190.74 (Indonesian rupiah), 1USD= IDR 14,705.50 

Top 10 Best places to visit in Bali

1. Legian:-

It is situated north of Kuta and south of Seminyak. It has dark golden sandy beaches. They are perfect for enjoying your vacation In Bali.

2. Tegallalang and jatiluwih rice terraces:-

These rice terraces are famous for their beautiful paddy sceneries and irrigation system. It’s one of the favorite places for travelers to visit.

3. Sekumpul waterfall:-

It is a collection of seven narrow cascades that is surrounded by green lush bamboo forests

4. Amed and Tulamben:-

These places are mainly famous for safari and diving. If anyone wants to explore diving then it’s the best place.

5. Candidasa:-

Candidasa offers you landscapes of rugged beauty and seascapes with hidden waves under them.

6. Ubud and central bank:-

Ubud is a treasure of cultural landmarks. It’s famous for temples, royal palaces, and majestic green hillsides. Monkey forest is also a famous place in Ubud.

7. The sidemen valley:-

It is mainly the village of Bali folks and covered by rice fields and hills. We can capture beautiful scenery over there.

8. Pemuteran:-

One can dive into lush marine life and visit underwater temples of the pemuteran. 

9. The Nusa islands:-

If you want to experience sandy beaches and diving. Surfing, snorkeling, and diving are some famous activities to do there.

10. Mount Batur:-

Mount Batur is the best place for diving by boat, cycling, and visiting temples.

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Best Beaches In Bali

Best Beach to visit in Bali

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1. Kuta beach:-

Kuta beach is one of the popular tourist attractions. It is a 2.5 km stretch of cream-colored sand borders. It has a crystal clear sea for surfing and volcanic black sands for bathing

2. Seminyak beach:-

It offers a splendid coast of gold to dark sand and gorgeous sunsets. However, the beach is bringing popularity for travelers.

3. Nusa dua beach:-

Crystal clear shallow water and pearly soft white sandy beaches surrounding Nusa dua make it fun for all. 

4. Balangan beach:-

It is one of the most famous beaches in Bali due to its scenic, gorgeous stretch of golden sand bordered between vegetated limestone cliffs.

5. Sanur beach:-

It is known for a little seaside town and a quieter slice of the island. It is a great spot for a relaxing holiday.

6. Jimbaran beach:-

The beach is part of the narrow isthmus connecting to the Bali mainland. One can find steadiness and peace here.

7. Tanjung benoa beach:-

It is popular for various marine activities such as jet skis, fishing tours, parasailing, and underwater sea walks, etc.

8. Karma beach:-

You can find a laidback lounging spot on the beach with a five-star vibe with the most exclusive beach club.

9. Dreamland beach:-

The dreamland beach’s white sand stretches to 100 meters. It rested on a steep white stone cliff overlooking the spectacular view of the Indian Ocean.

10. Padang Padang beach:-

It offers white sand and calm surf. Locally, it’s known as a Pantai Labuan Sait. It is 4 km away from the Ubud temple.

Best Temples in Bali

Famous Temples in Bali

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Bali is a town of beaches and temples. There are many temples in Bali. But some of them are worth visiting. A total of 18 temples are worthwhile to visit.

Temples are beautiful and you get the witness of spellbinding location and mesmerizing views around it.

The design and structures of temples are unlike Hindu temples. Balinese temples are built as an open space and worship inside the enclosed walls, linked between its compounds by decorative gates. These walled compounds contain several shrines, towers, and pavilions. 

  1. Tanah lot temple
  2. Penataran Agung lempuyang temple
  3. Uluwatu temple
  4. Besakih Temple
  5. Taman ayun temple
  6. Tirta empul temple
  7. Ulun danu Batur temple
  8. Ulun danu bratan temple
  9. Saraswati temple
  10. Elephants cave temple
  11. Goa lawah temple
  12. Tuning Kawi temple
  13. Sebatu temple
  14. Pura beji temple
  15. Batukaru temple
  16. Pura puseh batuan temple
  17. Kehen temple

Things To Do in Bali

Things to do

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  1. Ayung river rafting, Kintamani volcano tour.
  2. One day tour to Nusa Penida island.
  3. Bali ATV ride, Kintamani volcano tour.
  4. Bali water sports, Uluwatu temple tour.
  5. Visit Ulun Danu Beratan and take a tour of Tanah lot temple.

Why Bali is Famous?

Bali is Balinese culture with Hindu religious ceremonies and rituals are an integral part of the daily lives of most Bali peoples. The main common center is inhabited by several ethnic groups, including Muslim Indonesian from java and other islands.

Bali ceremonies are famous due to many spectacular performances of dancing and local cultural demonstrations are put out for the public. They also perform ‘pagan rituals’ like offerings to God.

Customs and Temple Etiquette in Bali

1. Dress properly and act modestly:-

Behaving properly in public is very important here. You can not behave so easily in front of the local public. And don’t wear open clothes while you visit temples.

2. wear sarong and sash in temples:-

They have a traditional dress to wear in temples called sarong and sash. Without it, you could not enter the temple.

3. Respect Balinese religion:-

They are very sincere about their religion. Always do respect for their religion in public and in temples too. 

Top Shopping Places In Bali

  1. Discovery shopping mall
  2. The mall Bali Galeria
  3. Krishna Bali souvenir shop
  4. Poppies lane
  5. Sukawati art market
  6. Jogger Bali
  7. Beachwalk shopping mall
  8. Ubud and Kuta art market
  9. Seminyak village mall

Best Food in Bali

  1. Mejekawi
  2. Bo$$man (Burger)
  3. Mason
  4. Locavore
  5. Mama San Bali
  6. Kayuputi restaurant
  7. Starter lab bakery
  8. Babi guling Pak Malen

The Best Indian Restaurants in Bali

  1. Tarunyan retro traditional
  2. Man frydys
  3. Curry in ball
  4. Spice mantraa kit
  5. La rouge restaurant and bar
  6. Roti canal
  7. Gerua multi-cuisine
  8. Chai’ba street kitchen and bar

Emergency numbers of Bali

In an unknown country, anything could happen. So, we are listed here some numbers in case of an emergency.

  1. Police – 110
  2. Ambulance – 118
  3. Fire department – 113
  4. Search and rescue – 111/115/151

How to Reach Bali

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How to Reach Bali?

Traveling from one country to another country is fun. But it can cause some problems also. so, you guys have to be ready for everything.

Plus, visas and passports are strictly required by Indonesia. But you can wait for that, as it is worth it. To visit sand beaches and beautiful sceneries of Bali.

Why Bali is Famous?

  1. Apply for an Indonesia visa, if you don’t have one. In case, you did not then contact the Indonesian embassy for a visa. Or, you can apply for an on-arrival visa at an Indonesian airport. And for that, you have a passport 6 months of validity beyond your arrival date.
  2. Select your departure airport. India’s metropolitan cities are connected to Bali. So, you can start your journey from- Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport (Mumbai), Indira Gandhi international airport (Delhi), Netaji subash Chandra bose international airport (Kolkata), and Chennai international airport (Chennai)
  3. After the selection of any airline, book the flight of Ngurah rai international airport in Bali. You have several options for flight also.
  4. Be ready with your visa and tickets on the day of departure. In case, if you lost the one. It will take some more few days to make another one. 

Facts About Bali: 

Bali, an Indonesian island famous for its beautiful landscapes and spectacular tourist destinations. It is one of the places to be on your Indonesian trip. To top everything off, there are many interesting facts about Bali that you probably didn’t know about. So here are some facts that you don’t know about Bali.

  1. The entire world is busy searching for new baby names, the Balinese have absolutely no issues about it. Asked why? Because they only have 4 names for all their children, which are in line with their birth order.
    The first baby named – Wayan, the second baby- Made, the third baby- Nyoman, the fourth baby name- Ketut, and the cycles start again to form the fifth baby. A fascinating and somewhat confounding fact about Bali, aren’t they?
  2. Bali has 210 days a year.
  3. Here is a cultural fact concerning Bali. It is a common Balinese belief that when a child is born, he or she brings four angels with them who are supposed to protect them from any evil spirits or harmful events until they are four years old.
    Even parents are not allowed to bring their kids on the ground until they’re 3 months old. So babies should be carried everywhere until they’re twelve weeks old.
  4. The site where Bali is situated is called the Coral Triangle and is formed together with Timor and Papua New Guinea by the waters of Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, and other island nations present in the region.
  5. Bali also has a volcanic part of Indonesia and many of these volcanic eruptions resulted in the sand’s black color. So don’t be nervous about seeing the black beaches here.
  6. Bali has two seasons only: 1) dry season (April to October) and 2) wet season (October to April)
  7. Nyepi Day: This is a symbolic celebration of silent island Bali. Everyone on Bali Island celebrates this day. there is complete silence over this day in Bali.
    Whether it’s work or conversation or travelling, the whole island shuts down, everything stops for a whole day. This occurrence is observed in Bali at the start of each new year.
  8. 80%of Bali’s total revenues come from tourism.
  9. The Balinese think Mount Agung is a copy of Mount Meru which is known to be the universe’s central axis.
  10. Opened in 2011, The Bamboo Chocolate Factory is a spectacle of a kind to visit in Bali. A structure made entirely of bamboo, it offers visitors different types of chocolates. I Repeat, it is made entirely of bamboo.
  11. Bali has over 20,000 temples.

Conclusion: Best Time to Visit Bali

So, here I listed out all the things and information about Bali. Basically, it is the best place to visit during the summer vacation or visit with family or for a honeymoon. 

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