The train journey is beautiful because you can sit with a bunch of people, talk, peep out to see beautiful sceneries, or get a glance at a dancing peacock. It’s all worth it. As the region diversifies, the train journey adds more beauty and peace to the routes that you don’t want to miss on. Here are some of the best train journey in India you should not miss out on. 

When it comes to training journeys, most of us feel excited, especially as a kid. Packing up our bags, rushed to reach the train, and even fought for the window seat. We still do that, don’t we?

Top 8 Must Train Journey for Lifetime Experience

If you are a traveler and love traveling via train then this train ride is a must-try. It’s a bet you will love the journey more than the destination. Slow journeys are best as you get to live every moment and enjoy the going journey of greenery and mountains. The list below contains brief details of the best train journey in India. 

1. Mumbai To Goa- Mondovi Express

The train running from Mumbai to Goa is routed between Sahyadri hills and the Arabian Sea. It covers a distance of 580 km taking 12 hours maximum to drop you at the location. Its route is full of beautiful landscapes, bridges, tunnels, and rugged coastlines. If you miss any of these, you don’t have to worry because there are 2000 bridges and 92 tunnels, which are enough to serve you for the day. There is enough scene to lay your eyes on. Every passing minute will have something beautiful waiting for you. This is experienced as the best train journey in India because of its simplicity and attractiveness. 

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2. Kanyakumari-Trivandrum

A train journey that is short but filled with picture-worthy moments. This route will take you through the architectural transition from Tamil to Kerala, presenting the beauty of gopurams and beautiful architectural monuments. The beauty of churches and temples will reflect the beauty of south culture and will leave a beautiful imprint of memories.

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3. Jalpaiguri- Darjeeling- Darjeeling Himalayan Railways

A route that stretches 78 km from the slopes of Darjeeling, taking 8 hours to cover the total distance. The journey has exhilarating views of beautiful snow-capped mountains. The train passes through the scenic beauty of small villages like Sukna, Siliguri, Kurseong, and Rongbull. It’s a spiral pathway wrapped with lush green valleys difficult to take your eyes off. 

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4. Jammu To Baramulla – Kashmir Valley Railways

The most thrilling and adventurous railway route passes through the earthquake zones and sky-touching mountains. It passes through some of the most beautiful cities, like Srinagar and Udhampur. The thrilling and adventurous as it sounds was one of the most challenging railway projects of India. Jaw-dropping sceneries with snow-capped mountains adding perks to the enthralling experience will never let you regret this journey. 

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5. Kalka To Shimla- Himalayan Queen

If you like bumpy rides with toy trains over tunnels, forests, deep valleys, and bridges, this one is for you. Discover the beautiful foggy meadows with signature mountain trees of oak, pine, and deodar. The journey will keep you enchanted all through the way as it gives you many chances to sneak a peek into the beautiful valleys. The train has got its name penned on the Guinness book of world records. The slow pace of the train will give you enough time to stay bewitched by the beauty. The route is about 96 km long covering the distance in 5 hours. 

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6. Ratnagiri To Mangalore- Matsyagandha Express

The train gets its name as Matsyagandha which means the smell of fish because of it passes through the western fishing coast of India. It covers three states, including Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka. The route is finely decorated with natural lush green valleys, dark tunnels, running streams, and bridges. The train is super-fast and covers a distance of 741 km in a day. 

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7. Deccan Odyssey

The best train journey is not limited to jaw-dropping scenes. The luxury experience on Deccan odyssey will let you forget about the journey and make you want to stay longer. It takes 10 nights to reach a destination, but it’s worth it. It has everything you need. The train coaches have gyms, parlors, massage centers, steam spas, and even libraries. The resting stops of the train are beautiful destinations like Ajanta Ellora Caves and Taj Mahal. The journey will leave no stone unturned to give you the royal Maharaja feel throughout the journey.

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8. Jaisalmer To Jodhpur- Desert Queen

The thrilling adventure of the desert will make you rethink the scenic beauty of cold mountains. The sunrise and sunsets are much more beautiful than anything that you will ever see. The widespread never-ending desert, land filled with mudded houses, and grazing camels will leave you in awe. The journey is enough to give you a desert safari feeling without a jeep and dense forest. The frightening yet thrilling train journey will grab onto the best memories of your life. 

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Train rides are memorable. When it’s up to something thrilling and jaw-dropping, it creates lifetime memories. If you have some thrilling traveler experience that is adventurous and memorable, these train rides are worth a try. A traveler who wants to explore the beauty of nature and enjoy like kings while traveling, these trains will fulfill your cravings. 

Grab the list of best train journey in India and have impeccable track experience.