The Kankaria lake Ahmedabad stood second for the largest lakes in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The location is in the south-eastern part of the city, namely Mani Nagar. The lakefront is refined around it, which got many public allurements such as toy trains, shackle balloon rides, water rides, water parks, entertainment facilities, etc. Let’s start with details about Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad: Timings, Entry Fee, Rides.

Who Built Kankaria Lake?

The kankaria lake was built by Sultan Qutab-ud-din Ahmad Shah in 1451 AD.

Kankaria Lake History

The Kankaria Lake Foundation was started in the 15th century by Sultan Muzziz-ud-Din Muhammad Shah II. The letter at the lake states that this was completed in 1451 during the reign of Sultan Qutb-ud-din-Ahmed Shah II.

It is a fictitious lake of around 34 sides.

Kankaria Lake Architecture

The architecture of Kankaria Lake was structured in a way to call it a Green Destination. It suffered from overcrowded vehicular traffic encompassing the lakeside road and spontaneous activities.

The primary objective of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporations on Kankaria Lake development was to transform the city-scale public space with potent and efficient infrastructure. The following strategies were implemented:

  • Pedestrian Zone enclosing the Lake’s edge. It is designed with gardens, organized vending spaces, and food courts.   
  • Creation of 6 km of access streets. The street furniture zone consists of trees, seating facilities, dustbins, and lights.
  • Preservation of historic buildings
  • Strengthening the existing road network by developing an outer ring.
  • While designing the whole precinct great attention was devoted to the mini train that encircled around the lake.
  • Reassuring overall development within the quarter.

Top Things to do at Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad

Things to do at Kankaria Lake

  • This place provides great fun rides for children. Balvatika, a children’s park consists of a boathouse, weapon display, playroom, and planetarium.
  • One of the magnetism of Lake is Kamala Nehru Zoological Park. It is widely spread over 21 acres and was rated one of the best zoos.
  • Gate no. 7 welcomes the dream world for the little ones. It has 18 activity rides, including Radio Station, police station., medical hospital, lab dental police station, courtroom, and prison.
  • Beautifying island amid the lake- Nagina Wadi.
  • Alluring two willed devices namely Segway Safari are found at Gate No-2. You can enjoy the round in it for 15 minutes.  The following varieties of rides are available:
    • Boating- Explore the beauty of the lake in the most comfortable boat.
    • Tethered balloon rides- One of the most exquisite rides of Kankaria park.
    • Toy train rides- Covering the lakesides of the park, explore every beauty of the location.
  • Enjoy amusing rides including aqua kart, vertical swing, black flash ride, paintball shooting, and sky fly.
  • Contemplating an aquarium that is well maintained and consists of many rare fishes.

Kankaria Carnival Festival 

From 2008, Kankaria Carnival arranges in the last week of December (Year ending festival) as an annual week-long culture festival. This festival includes different art, dance, and music performances, social awareness programs, games, and activities for children and youngsters.

Top 5 places to visit near Kankaria Lake

Top 5 places to visit near Kankaria Lake

  1. Ahmedabad Planetarium with Nabhodarshan. Entry fees are INR 15 for adults.
  2. Kankaria Open Theatre. The visit duration in the theater is 3 hours.
  3. Natural History Museum. It is popular for Experience seekers and history freaks.
  4. Garden Of Kanakria. It is popular for nature admirers.
  5. Stone Mural Park includes murals of folklores, history of Ahmedabad.  

Some of the facts on Kankaria Lake

  • In 1974, Reuben David (founder of Kankaria Zoo) was awarded the Padma Shri award.
  • This is the best tourist place in Ahmedabad city if you are traveling with kids.
  • Nagina Bagh with Kankaria lake was the favorite recreational place of rulers and the people.
  • Johan Albrecht de Mandelslo visited the place and gave a commendable review.
  • The species of Nagina Baug is very uncommon.  

How to reach Kankaria Lake?

How to reach Kankaria Lake

One can reach out through a Taxi or private car following the Punt Maharaj Road across Nelson’s Primary School.

Opting for a train? The nearest railway station is Ahmedabad Junction.

Contact details

Mo No.:-   079 2546 3415

Kankaria Lake Address

Himmatnagar Village, Maninagr Area, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380002 India.

kankaria lake opens today???

Check out Kankaria Timing…

Kankaria Lake Opening Time:- 

4 am – 11 -pm every day, except Monday.

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NO ENTRY BETWEEN 8-9 AM and 10-11 PM.

Kankaria Lake Entry fees

  • In between, 4 am-8 am Rs. 5 for kids below 12 years and Rs.10 for everyone.
  • For adults- Rs.25
  • Senior citizen- Rs. 0
  • Children below 3 years of age- Rs.0
  • Educational Trip- Rs.1

Restaurants Near Kankaria Lake 

  • Sasuma Food Corner
  • Prince Panipuri
  • Kankariapanipuri
  • RG Shivam Fast Food
  • Annapurna Bhaji Pav
  • Choice Balaji Pav
  • Shree Radhe Snacks
  • Italiano Pizza
  • Lijjat Khaman
  • Lucknow Chavana & Sweet Mart
  • Pooja Chinese
  • Havmor Restaurant


With the overall reviews of people, the location is worth your time and it is pocket-friendly also. The location grabs the total attention of the visitors and people tend not to leave the place soon.

Hope the information provided helps you to sort your calendar and family time in the most efficient way.