A garden that is addressed with the lake. One of the major eye-catchy attributes of the Pal Lake Garden is the old bridge that is named Hope Bridge. Half portion of the bridge is regenerated and filled with Lightings. Surrounded by greenery in all four directions, this garden is the ultimate spot for morning walks and soothing evening talks. The Pal Lake Garden Surat has a lake that rejuvenates the beauty of the park and connects the visitors with the aura of nature.

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Pal Lake Garden


The park is mostly visited for morning walks and in the daytime for shoots. The Pal Lake Garden Surat is near the IP Savani School and CNG Pump. With the proper maintenance, the place has a healthy environment with all the cleanliness, therefore, making it fit for the old age people to spend time.

Few visitors said, shooting video in the Park is allowed. Many students were observed snapping pictures of a lake, bridge, and flowers for their project and research. Whereas, couples were observed having the pre-wedding shoots.

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Some visitors also added, the place is very peaceful and has the capacity of pulling out the stress from your life. The soothing sound of the water of the lake, the green beauty, and the clear atmosphere are enough to clear the head. Most of them prefer visiting the park early morning to witness the Sunrise, whereas some of them prefer sunset for a blissful experience.


Beautiful Flowers in Pal Lake Garden Surat


The Garden is open for visitors from 5 AM to 11:30 PM. With this time stretch, you can fall in love with nature and can also take a small break from your hectic busy day.

Pal Lake Garden Surat Address

The complete address of Garden is 29, Western City, L.P. Savani, Pal Road- 395009. The place is new and is still less explored by the people. The reviews till now are best as people felt the calmness of nature and fell in love with the greenery. Visiting this Park Lake is worth the shot and we await your review. 

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