This article will highlight the places to visit in Kurukshetra, Haryana. We gathered some information on Kurukshetra as well and its history.

Kurukshetra is the region that is named after King Kuru. He is the ancestor of Kauravas and Pandavas in the Kuru Kingdom. The land of Kurukshetra is between two rivers, The Saraswati and The Drishadvati.

It is a place in this world where Lord Krishna recited the holy Bhagavad Gita. The birthplace of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita and one of the sacred and known places. The soil of Kurukshetra is still red, signifying the blood of those who lost their lives during the epic “Mahabharat.”

# Where is Kurukshetra City?

Kurukshetra City is in the state of Haryana in India, and one of the famous pilgrimage sites. The Kurukshetra is located around 170 km north of Delhi and few names like Brahmakshetra (Land of Brahma), Uttradevi, Brahmadevi, and Dharamkshetra (Holy City) knew it.

This place is known as Thanesar city. Road and rail connect this place in Delhi and Amritsar. Delhi in the south whereas Amritsar in the north.

# Kurukshetra History

Aryans first came to this subcontinent back in 1500 BC. The place is believed as the holy script of Rig-Veda. It is the auspicious battle of Mahabharata that identified the significance of this place. The battle is Faught in the Kurukshetra battleground for 18 days. It was during this battle when Lord Vishnu, in the avatar of Krishna, preached the lessons of Bhagavad Gita to Arjun at Jyotisar near Kurukshetra.

The kind is associating with many difficulties and has witnessed several great empires and rulers. Hieun Tsang, a Chinese scholar, visited Kurukshetra during the reign of King Harsha. King Ashoka later converted this place to an important center of Vedic learning and civilization.

Sultan Muhammad snatched most of the wealth and riches of the temple in Kurukshetra. Kurukshetra got back its cultural predominance during the reign of Akbar and Aurangzeb. Now this place is a sacred pilgrimage and an important tourist destination.

# Things To Do In Kurukshetra

Things To Do in Kurukshetra

This point will highlight the things that you can do in Kurukshetra. You can visit many historic places and temples. We list some of them below:

1. Jyotisar

This is the birthplace of Bhagavad Gita and is rate excellent by most of the visitors. The place has got historic significance as the magnificent tree that witnessed the sermon of Shri Krishna to Arjuna. There is a light and sound show that is conducting every evening around 6 PM. The place is a little isolated and transport can be difficult to find.

2. S Thaneshwar Mahadeva Temple

This place has a temple of 5000 years old. Most of the visitors’ rate is excellent. The history revolves around here by the saying, God Brahma laid the first lingam of God Shiva here. This is the first temple where Lord Shiva is worshipped. After winning the battle of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna and Pandavas prayed in this temple.

3. Brahma Sarovar

This place describes Mahabharata’s fight on the pillars of Sarovar. Sarovar means a body of water. In this place, they placed the bronze chariot of Shri Krishna. A chariot dignifies the moment of Shri Krishna, giving knowledge of Bhagavad Geeta to Arjun. The chariot in the middle of the lake, giving it a magnificent view. The visitors rated the place excellent.

4. Bhadrakali Temple

This temple is crowd-free and the Shaktipeeth in Kurukshetra. You can pray here in peace, as there is no hustle of the crowd. Sati Devi’s right ankle fell here, and that is placed in the temple. This place also comprises a temple that is solely dedicated to the ill-fated chakravyuh in Mahabharata.

5. Lakshmi Narayan Temple

The temple got excellent remarks from the visitors. You will find the idol of Lord Vishnu with Sheshnag. This place is famous for its calmness and utter silence.

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# Tourist Places To Visit In Kurukshetra

Places To Visit in Kurukshetra City

1. Bhishma Kund 

This place is associated with the legend of Mahabharata. This is the place where Bhishma Pitamah was laid on the bed of arrows made by Arjuna for him to watch the battle of Mahabharata. He was thirsty and requested Arjun for the water. Arjun then shot an arrow into the ground, letting out a water spring to quench his thirst. The place is calm and has many hotels nearby for stay.

2. Krishna Museum

This museum holds the artifacts of Krishna incarnations from the 1st century to the 11th century AD. This museum has six galleries that showcase the statues in the form described in the Bhagavad Purana and Mahabharata. There are 4-5 hotels nearby and the museum got the best ratings.


3. Sheikh Cheli Tomb

This Mausoleum is built in the memory of the Sufi master of Prince Dara Shikoh. The place is a stunning example of Persian architecture with the best floral designs. There are over 5 hotels near the museum. The museum got outstanding reviews from the visitors for its splendid architecture.

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# Famous Sightseeing Places in Kurukshetra

Sightseeing in Kurukshetra

The places to visit in Kurukshetra are never-ending. You can gather a lot from this auspicious place.

Keeping aside the above places, there are further top 3 places you can consider as sightseeing in Kurukshetra. Below we list the sights to visit that are highly recommended for visiting.

1. Kurukshetra Panorama and Science Centre

The place explains the role of Science in the traditional Indian religion. This place is the best example of merging technology and culture. This Centre displays the legendary battle of Kurukshetra in a lifelike panorama.

2. Kalpana Chawla Memorial Planetarium

The planetarium was set up in memory of the Kalpana Chawla. This place has interesting exhibits and short films to help visitors gain knowledge about astronomy.

3. Dharohar Museum

This museum is rich in the historical, cultural, archaeological, and architectural heritage of the state. This museum has 23 galleries. Last, to mesmerize you, this museum has an open-air amphitheater.

# Places to eat in Kurukshetra

Places To Eat in Kurukshetra

Food is the essence of traveling as specified in our previous blog of Travelling is good for health. Below are some top restaurants to dine in at Kurukshetra.

  • Saffron- With more positive reviews this place is now ranking at the top.
  • Krishna café- Quality with the ambiance is perfect.
  • Golden Saras- Missing Punjabi Tarka? Get it here.
  • Mr. Chicken- Best place for non-vegetarian lovers.
  • The Harsh Family Dhaba- With great staff experience and the best food, the place lives in the heart of visitors.
  • Yuvraj’s Citadel- The décor is splendid. The reviews got busted with the yummiest response for food.

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# Best time to visit Kurukshetra

Best Time To Visit Kurukshetra

You should visit the place when the weather is pleasant. The ideal time is from September to March. We do not recommend summers and monsoons, as the place gets very humid. We consider the period from October to March the best time to visit.

# How to reach Kurukshetra

How to Reach Kurukshetra

For Flight visitors- The nearest airport to Kurukshetra is Chandigarh. The distance is 78 km. The distance is much because Kurukshetra is not connecting to major cities with regular flights.

For train lovers- The railway station for Kurukshetra is Kurukshetra Jn. You will easily get the regular trains.

# Conclusion

The place is historic and auspicious. This blog is solely stuffed with places to visit in Kurukshetra. The lovers of Lord Krishna and fans of Mahabharata can cherish this place and should know the most about it. Reaching Kurukshetra is not tough but grabbing all the sites of this place is tough.

Mahabharata lovers of Mahabharata should know that the original book of Mahabharata keeps in Vyas Gufa. This place is in Mana Village in the state of Uttarakhand, India.

Check out more places on the official Kurukshetra Tourism Website.

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