Mount Abu is an excellent destination for a weekend trip, especially if you’re looking for a short and relaxing holiday. The hill station is a tiny location; thus, there are only a few things to visit there. It is a good idea to include some side trips on your vacation plan to make the most of your time around Mount Abu. Around Mount Abu, fortunately, there are a lot of amazing spots for all kinds of tourists to visit and discover. Although these locations are relatively modest, they attract many visitors each year and serve as wonderful vacation spots and places to visit for shorter trips. This post will focus on places to visit in Mount Abu.

The Best Places to See Near Mount Abu 

  • Sirohi

Even though it is not nearly as well-known as the hill station of Mount Abu, which is situated nearby, the hill station of Sirohi is home to various spectacular sites due to its closeness to Mount Abu. In addition to being home to some natural beauties that are nothing short of astounding, this site is also home to several magnificent temples.

Due to the proximity of its eighteen different places of worship to one another, Temple Street in Sirohi is sometimes regarded as the most popular tourist spot in the city. The Sarvadham Temple and the Sun Temple of Varman are two other gorgeous destinations worth the effort it will take you to visit. You should make the most of it and check them out and can definitely add them to the list of places to visit in Mount Abu. 

  • Ranakpur

The Aravalli Ranges in Rajasthan is the most mountainous part of the state, and it is there that the holy city of Ranakpur may be located. Because of its significance as a pilgrimage location, it has a particularly strong reputation among the Jain people. The state of Uttar Pradesh is where you’ll find Ranakpur. The age of the majority of the city’s temples ranges anywhere from one hundred to one hundred and fifty years, making them a fascinating sight to see. 

If you want your trip to Ranakpur to be even more memorable, take a stroll around the valley and enjoy the gorgeous views. You can do this when you’re out on one of the numerous trails available for hiking in the region. 

  • Udaipur

Every traveler should make sure to include Udaipur, one of the sites located in close vicinity to Mount Abu, on their itinerary. Udaipur can be found in Rajasthan. Udaipur is a city that has a lengthy history, and the city is home to many gorgeous monuments that are well worth visiting if you ever find yourself in India. If you want to learn more about the history of Udaipur, you can read more about it here. 

Shopping is one of the most pleasurable activities that can be done while visiting Udaipur, and many people who travel there say that it is one of the most enjoyable things to do while they are there. The well-known Hathi Pol Bazaar is the city where one should go if they want to purchase the most unforgettable souvenirs, works of art, and traditional clothing that are originally from the state of Rajasthan. 

Other interesting things in Udaipur include taking a boat ride on Lake Pichola to watch the sunset and walking around the famous Bagore-ki-Haveli. Both of these activities are located in the same general area. In the city, you may locate both of these things. Participation in both of these activities is highly recommended for you. Both well-known tourist destinations may be found within the city limits of the metropolis. 

  • Kumbhalgarh

The Kumbhalgarh Fort, which is the city’s most well-known point of interest, is where the vast majority of tourists traveling to the city choose to gather. Gain an understanding of the events that led to the construction of the fort and become acquainted with the architecture that was commonplace during the 15th century. 

You need to see the Badal Mahal, a beautiful structure in its own right and one you cannot skip over. Those who love the great outdoors can spend the day at the Kumbhalgarh Animals Sanctuary, which is located within the park, taking in the numerous animals and wonderful nature walks that the park offers. 

Those who have a passion for the great outdoors can spend the day at the Kumbhalgarh Animals Sanctuary, located within the park. The Kumbhalgarh Animals Sanctuary is a wonderful place to spend the day for anyone who likes being outside and being among animals. 

  • Nathdwara

It is believed by a sizable number of individuals, particularly those of religious persuasion, that the location of Nathdwara in India is sacred. There are a lot of temples, and each one has a fascinating history that is connected to the mythology of India. Probably, the people who were alive throughout the Indian civilization were the ones who gave life to this culture. In Nathdwara, a well-known Charbhuja temple can be found a few kilometers outside the city’s central part. Visitors to Nathdwara have the opportunity to visit this temple. 

You may leave the central business center and travel to your destination using various kinds of transportation, including taxis and rickshaws. If you find yourself in Nathdwara, you should not let the opportunity to sample some of the scrumptious Potato Poha that is being sold by one of the numerous food vendors that can be found in the market pass you by without first giving it a try. This is because the Potato Poha is being sold by one of the numerous food vendors that can be found in the market. You are going to kick yourself if you do that. By adding this place in the places to visit in Mount Abu, you can add some spice in your vacation. 

  • Pali

This tranquil little town, located in the northern portion of Rajasthan, is an excellent location for tourists interested in experiencing new and exciting things while away from their homes and families. You will find the settlement in the middle of the Aravalli Mountains. It should not be surprising that there are structures and sites in various architectural styles because several dynasties have ruled the city at different times. 

Since the city has been under the control of several different dynasties at different times, the city has a wide range of architectural styles. If there is one thing you make a point to do while you are in Pali, it should be to visit the Jain temples. Pali is home to several tourist attractions that are not to be missed, but if there is one thing you make a point to do, it should be to visit the Jain temples. 

Temples dedicated to Jainism may be found all around Pali. When seen independently, the interiors and exteriors of these buildings each have the potential to be appreciated as works of art in their own right. 

  • Rajsamand

Close to Udaipur lies the town of Rajsamand, which is famous not only for the lake on which it is situated but also for the Shrinathji temple that can be discovered there. Both of these features contribute to the town’s prominence. These well-known tourist spots are likely to be located in the same city. In addition to this, the region is well-known for the wonderful works of art that are carved out of marble that is created there. These works of art are produced there and manufactured there. These beautiful pieces of art in marble are created there. 

During their stay in Rajsamand, visitors shouldn’t forget to spend some time touring the local markets and watch skilled craftsmen craft works of art out of marble. Both of these activities are not to be missed. In addition to basking in the amazing vistas, here is something else you may do. 

  • Jodhpur

Even though Jodhpur is located quite a distance from Mount Abu, vacationers whose major goal is to view Mount Abu should make every effort to visit Jodhpur even though it is so far away. This is because Jodhpur is home to various unique and fascinating attractions. The city-state is usually referred to as the “Blue City,” and it is the location of myriad architectural wonders that are just as amazing as they are beautiful. Pukhraj Durry Udhyog is the location to visit if you are interested in acquiring magnificent carpets and rugs. 

The surrounding neighborhood is also a good destination for shopping. Some of these constructions have been given the moniker “Blue City.” If you are interested in shopping in this neighborhood, you must get over there. If vacationers are the kind that like traveling to a variety of places of worship while they are away from home, then they must pay a visit to the Chamunda Mata Temple while they are in India. 

  • Chittorgarh

Chittorgarh is a city that is packed with classic examples of Rajput culture and architecture, both of which may be visited and studied in the city itself. This is because Chittorgarh is a city that has been there for a very long time. In the Indian subcontinent, the state of Rajasthan is where you’ll find Chittorgarh. As a result of the abundance of temples and forts that can be found all across the city of Chittorgarh, it is an excellent destination for vacationers. 

This town is home to several towers and temples in addition to the Chittorgarh fort, which is widely regarded as one of the most eye-catching examples of Rajput architecture. The fort is located in Chittorgarh, the town’s name. Because it has such a large selection of shops, the Sadar Bazaar is a fantastic destination for anybody who enjoys shopping. This marketplace is well-known for selling traditional clothing from India in addition to handicrafts that originate from the state of Rajasthan. 

Final Tip!

The following is a list of the top places to visit in Mount Abu. They are not very far and can easily get there using the road system. Most of these locations will be just up your alley if you appreciate beautiful buildings and tranquil settings. The temperatures are more pleasant throughout the winter, making it the ideal time to pay a visit.