Emphasizing the pivotal role of community engagement in steering the state’s economic framework, Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma of Meghalaya underscored this aspect during the inauguration of “The Travellers Nest.”



Situated in Kyiem village, Mawphlang, within the East Khasi Hills and in proximity to the renowned sacred forests of the Khasis, the facility was officially opened by the Chief Minister.

In his address, he underlined the potency of community involvement as the cornerstone of their economic paradigm. He stressed that Meghalaya’s advancement could not be a solitary endeavor; rather, it necessitates concerted efforts from all stakeholders – government, community, and the wider public. Sangma remarked, “The collaborative synergy of these stakeholders is imperative, each with a defined role that harmonizes with the ultimate aspirations.”

The Chief Minister expounded on the government’s concerted efforts to spotlight Meghalaya as a beacon of sustainable economic progress propelled by the collective strength of its communities. “Our economic and livelihood framework is intricately woven around the distinct advantages of our state. This innovative model is one we aspire to showcase on a global stage,” articulated the CM, exuding optimism about initiatives like “The Travellers Nest.”

What is in the Traveller Nest?

Comprising five cottages and a restaurant, “The Travellers Nest,” an avant-garde prefab structure, stands as a response to the requisites of visitors. Its strategic location, merely 28 kilometers south of the state capital, adds to its allure. Sangma passionately reiterated, “Tourism stands as a linchpin sector for us. Our overarching vision involves generating nearly one lakh employment opportunities within this domain, fostered through multi-faceted contributions from stakeholders.”

Sangma illuminated the contours of the Chief Minister’s Elevate program, which extends substantial subsidies, ranging from 30 percent to 75 percent, for enterprises initiated by diverse entrepreneurs, self-help groups, and other entities. He elaborated on the program’s ambit, elucidating its intent to invigorate the economic landscape through an array of ventures encompassing cinema halls, wellness centers, and tourism initiatives.

The Chief Minister also drew attention to the instrumental role of improved road infrastructure in the state’s development narrative. He hailed the ongoing enhancement and construction of the Mawphlang to Weiloi road as a testament to the government’s unwavering commitment to bolstering connectivity. With unwavering confidence, Sangma proclaimed that the tireless endeavors of Meghalaya would inevitably culminate in a flourishing and sustainable future.

“Collectively traversing the path of success, our voyage is defined by community participation and collaborative spirit. Together, we chisel out a promising horizon for Meghalaya,” he passionately proclaimed. As the event unfolded, the CM ceremoniously inaugurated eight Toyota tourist vehicles, marking the initiation of the Prime Tourism Vehicles scheme.