We guys always love to wander around the world. Isn’t it? There are many beautiful places to see and explore. But sometimes being a traveler is a difficult thing to handle situations because of less awareness of travel tips.  We always need the best place, the best food and the best way to journey. Even, we love to know more cultures and stuff about the place where we travel. Many people are committing the same mistakes and suffer from anxiety and survive without food at last. So, Here are providing 101 Best Travel Tips| Easy Travel Packing Checklist For Trip

In this list some of the travel tips for stay ready and be cautious as a traveler for passion or just for some sort of trip. 

Before going on a trip, we always find travel tips on how to pack a bag? or something else. Even if we are going for 2 days or 7 days or for a long trip always searching for some simple travel tips. If you’re fond of traveling then you must read some of the 101 best travel tips here. In this all Travel Tips, some travel tips remind you what are the essential things to take in travel & some Travel tips are for awareness purposes for how to remain safe in a journey.  Don’t Forget to Read Our Expert Travel Tips.

Best Travel Tips

10 Essential Things in the Travel Packing List

1. Pack your medicine:

When you know you’re going for a great time and you have some medical condition or even if you don’t have one then pack it for your migraine or any other issues like indigestion or acidity with some precautions and prescription of doctors.

It will help you suffering from unknown niches. And you’ll enjoy the journey with a lot of excitement.

2. Keep contact no of doctors and local police stations:

Keep contacts of doctors and local police stations in case of an emergency where you are traveling. Use google to find out the coverage area and nearby multi-specialty hospitals and clinics. So you can find an easy way to go there through local transportation. 

Put those contacts in your small diary also in case you lost your mobile phone. And if you have any medical condition then you can add it in your diary so they won’t take much time to figure out your case.

3. Pack your camera:

You are going on a journey so it’s indirectly very important to pack your good quality camera with you. 

So you can take a picture of your traveling and local cultures and food in case you want to start your blog in the future. So it will help you with this.

Everyone loves to get a nice click so the camera will give you more clear and HD pictures to showcase your journey. And it will stay in your memories also.

4. Don’t buy a Money belt:

Nowadays, people are attracted to new things which come on shopping sites. And the money belt is in trend for putting money safely. But every person knew about this as it is publicly.

So, the thief will check your money belt first or they can snatch it from you. so, put your money in your wallet as you do generally. It is the safest place than any other way.

5. Make your journal:

Making your journal is the best idea. If you want to suggest someone to some places in the future. and you will forget so it looks very bad. But the journal will keep you remember where you last visited and had the tastiest food in the town. 

Journal is another way to keep memories of your trips. Whenever you want to watch your old visited trips, you’ll love it for sure.

6. Keep photo translate and scanning word apps:

Some scanning word and photo translate apps are available on play store or in your mobile inbuilt. 

It will help you to make you understand the meaning of any random word surrounding you. So you can easily understand other languages.

7. Pack your comfy clothes:

If you are traveling and have to walk over miles then don’t pack heavy or fancy clothes. Carry your comfy clothes which can make you feel better in your journey. 

Comforts are what you want throughout your life but if the journey will make you uncomfortable then you would not enjoy it instead of,  you will lose your mood in fancy clothes. 

8. Pack your jeans:

People say that don’t wear jeans if you’re going on a trip. No, no need to do this. 

If you wear jeans at home as your regular weekends then you can wear them on your trip also.

All the things depend on your comforts. So, just wear what you actually want to.

9. Don’t forget your sports shoes:

Sports shoes are mostly loved by people, wearing comfy sports shoes during daily working lifestyles is also in fashion as it gives the attractive look.

When you’re going on a trip for tracking or just random roaming. Sport shoes give comfort as well as a great look.

10. Carry an extra sack of cash:

You don’t know when you need extra money. So always carry an extra sack of cash. No matter if you have debit/credit cards.

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11. Keep a spare copy of your passport photos:

Maybe, you will laugh at me when I suggest you spare copies of the passport photos or you can keep pictures on mobile phones.

But it will save you from trouble in need so you don’t have to roam around the street for a person who can take the passport size photo of you. 

As it is important for applying for a visa and for many other things.

12. Keep debit/credit cards:

Whenever you travel, keep your credit/debit cards within you. In case of a shortage of money, you should need it. 

If you lost money, shortage of money, or theft of your money. It will help you to continue your journey without any obstruction.

13. Wear your sunscreen cream:

Wear your sunscreen wherever you go, it will save you from Suntan. 

Especially if you have brighter skin. Sun and water are important factors when you go out.

14. Pack as little as you can:

Pack very few essentials in your bag like your regular requirement brush, toothpaste, torch, towel, innerwear, few clothes, etc.

It can help you to lift your bag easily while you’re traveling or tracking over beautiful mountains. You can enjoy it without carrying much load on your back.

15. Buy your travel bag cum sleeping bag:

If you’re hiking, the sleeping bag is more important. 

You can take a nap in your sleeping bag without any disturbance and will provide you safety from small insects. 

So, carry a few clothes so you can keep it aside at the time of your sleep.

16. Take more photos of yourself:

Pictures are for memories. You can take your pictures frequently to stick in your journal and save it for the future for glimpsing it. 

Some memories are best and travel memories are incredible.

When you want to go to your flashback these pictures will keep you alive. Actually, photos are everything in your journey. Remember that and enjoy it.

17. Keep everything important in your bag:

Don’t forget your important papers, passport and many important essentials like your charger, brush, toothpaste, extra batteries, power bank, medicines, some of the food packets, pair of socks, a towel, swimsuit, extra shoes, passport size copies, maps, etc.

18. Learn a few phrases of places where you travel:

You can learn a few phrases like hello, bye, show the road, help me, and many more. 

It will help you to make conversation with local people in need of assistance and another benefit is that you’ll learn something new.

So be creative and learn everything by yourself. As people say you’re the best teacher of your life.

19. Owe your earplugs and sleep mask:

Earplugs and1 sleep masks promote your sleep. According to the study, light and voice disturb your sleep. 

And this stuff will help you to give you a good nap and your other day of the trip will start with lots of new fresh energy.

20. Find activities places:

If you’re going on an Island then underwater swimming is more important to experience. 

if you’re going on a mountain then take a bungee jumping or parachute ride or rope climbing. 

Find an interest in your activities and do it for fun at least. It will make your good adventurous memories. 

I’m sure you’ll love it. After all, who doesn’t love adventures? 

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21. Keep updated to your family and friends:

Tell your family or your friends about your tours and where you’re roaming around. 

Track your whole day activities and keep sending the list of it to your family. 

Always inform about strange things around you to your family or your personal experience of doing something kinky or interesting to your friends.

22. Visit touristy things on places:

The main tourist attractions are famous for a reason. Visit every tourist attraction place as well as lesser attractive places too. 

Don’t go to random places to visit because local people who have never seen you before will stare at you like an alien. And you will get uncomfortable. so, better to visit touristy places only. 

23. Don’t bring extra things:

Never pack extra unnecessary stuff into your bag. It will just excess your bag’s weight to carry, nothing else. 

Always pack important essentials and make a list of daily needs and put those in your backpacks. 

24. Use a VPN:

You will be connected to any random wifi over the streets and shops. So VPN will protect you from unnecessary movements of hackers or malware. 

It will help you to change your location and even you can enjoy local shows of those places you visit. So always download VPN to your mobile phones.

25. Keep maps of places within you:

Always keep offline maps for navigation. 

If your mobile will not work or you lose it. Or google maps won’t work a better way. You can find out the places on offline maps. So, I never worried about using it. 

I hope these travel tips will help you out as well. 

26. Do charge your phone whenever you get time:

Charging your phone is the most important thing you have to do throughout your journey. 

If you’re in a hotel room or in a club or any other hotel for eating. If you get a chance to charge your phone or your power bank. Please do it. 

Never let your battery down more. Use your phone for important things only.

27. Don’t give your personal information to any random people:

If you are hanging out with local people and meeting them. It’s a great way to explore peoples and places. do it. 

But never share your personal information and your life to those people whom you don’t know closely. 

We don’t know who they are or how they can harm you. So be safe and enjoy it !!! 

28. If possible meet local people:

If you’re traveling in the city then don’t travel alone or don’t sit in your hotel room. Go out and find local people to hang out with you. 

They know their city best and roaming around with them will be the best experience.  

Find them by using dating sites or any other sites to greet and meet people. 

It will give you an amazing experience. trust me! Because the locals are the best.

29. Eat local food:

The multi-cuisine restaurant will serve you with many kinds of food for sure. But, local food will give you amazing taste buds.

Heavy food will make you uncomfortable for the rest of the day. travel and the seeing site will become hard for you. So always serve yourself with local foods and it will give you a chance to learn about some local recipes by asking them. 

I hope you will enjoy your meal. Bon appetite !!!

30. Pack your bags earlier:

Don’t pack your bag an hour ago from your flight or train. It can possibly forget your important things behind. 

So, pack them a night before you are traveling. Or pack your stuff 1-2 days ago.

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31. Go for a checkup to your doctor:

Before leaving for a trip, go to your doctor and keep medicines within you by doctor’s prescription. And check your reports. 

Even when you came back to your city checkup to your doctor again. so,  you can track your health records.

As you know health is more important than money or traveling.

32. Eat healthier things:

Always eat healthy things that save you from constipation or any other gastric problems. So you can enjoy your journey without hesitation. 

Eat veggies instead of meat. And drink healthier juice instead of soft drinks. Green vegetables are very healthy for your body. 

Eat green, keep healthy!

33. Get up early during travel:

Wake up early in the morning during your journey. It makes you happy and fresh as dew. 

Don’t sleep late so you can wake up at the time and can wander around the city or places. 

Sunshine always looks beautiful. You will love the sunshine of any place.

34. Scan your important documents and emails:

Scan your important documents like your travel insurance, credit/ debit cards, passport, etc and email them on your phone and to your family. In case, if you lost your luggage. 

You can go to the embassy for help and access all your cards as well as go back home. 

35. If possible travel alone:

Traveling alone is the best way to explore everything without any hesitation or shame. Because there is no will to judge you for your deeds. 

Actually, you can explore people and things very easily when you do travel alone rather than a group. Cases everyone is not like you! 

When you have done something wrong unknowingly then you can change your hotel, where no one knows you.

36. Visit the places according to your interest:

If you love to visit historic places first then visit it. 

If you love clubbing then go for it. And love hiking than just pack your bags and go for hiking in those places.  

37. Keep toilet roll in your pack back:

Always keep toilet rolls and tissues in your bag when you travel. 

38. Be polite and smile to everyone:

Be polite to everyone you meet and try to greet them in their native language. 

Always wear a smile to your face. It will give a pleasant impression on others.

Smile and talk politely to everyone from hotel staff to any random street person. 

39. Drink more water:

Drink more and more water, and stay hydrated for the day. 

Otherwise, due to the sun’s heat, you can fall ill. 

So drink often and stay hydrated.

40. Use wifi mostly, whenever you’re near to them:

Always connect your phone or laptop to the nearest wifi. 

You’ll get the free connection in MacDonald and Dominos or big brands like Starbucks also. 

So it will help you to search for some additional information as well as save your data.

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41. Mark your luggage by your name:

Always write your name on your luggage and on your stuff.  

So you can’t lose it. possibly, it gets exchanged.

42. Owe your own power bank:

Buy your power bank and keep charging it whenever you get a chance to save yourself from running out of battery. 

43. Wash your clothes by yourself:

If you’re traveling then obviously, you will carry fewer clothes in your backpack. 

If you will give them in laundry and it will tear then you should have bought other clothes from local places unnecessarily and can affect your budget also. 

44. Wear regular clothes:

Regular clothes make your comforts throughout your journey. 

Don’t wear heavy clothes during traveling as they can suffocate you. 

45. Read their local customs on the internet:

Reading about the place and their customs where you travel is the better way to connect people over the places as well as if ever you’ll get a chance to perform and see them very closely. 

46. Keep checking your passport dates:

People who travel often have to check their passport expiry dates. 

Otherwise, at the last moment, you have to cancel your pre-planned trip due to the expiry date. 

I hope you guys don’t want to let it happen. because traveling is love.

47. Follow drink more and eat less diet:

When you’re traveling always eat less and drink often. 

You can drink juice and water more to stay hydrated. 

48. Find photogenic place using Instagram:

So, here Instagram will help you to find out the photogenic places to capture your journey and beautiful sceneries as well. 

Always use Instagram hashtags to find out the places around you. As we all know Instagram hashtags are in trend nowadays.

49. Make your own playlist:

People love to listen to music during the bus or train journey as well as flights also. 

So, make your own playlist and go to your world of music! It will give you pleasure. 

50. Do several practices of carrying your travel bag:

The practice of carrying your bag is important when you’re going for trekking. 

So you can figure out how many things you should have to take with yourself. And trekking will be easy with fewer things. 

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51. Note down your spending:

Make a list of your spending on hotel rooms, buying things, foods, and local traveling. 

This way you can track your spending easily. 

52. Ask for permission while taking other people’s pictures:

Always ask people if you want to take their pictures for your journal or for yourself. 

Otherwise, they will assume a bad person and possibly make you arrested and you’ll be in trouble afterward. 

I hope you don’t want to let it happen.

53. Make a list of things if you’re going on a road trip:

If you’re going on a road trip in your car or bike. Then make an appropriate list of your necessary essentials and carry them. 

Again remember don’t excess your bag with unnecessary stuff. And carry an extra wheel in case of a puncture.

54. Keep an extra camera battery:

On the journey, you’ll click pictures frequently. So possibly you can run out of the battery and storage. 

So keep the extra battery and memory card within you.

Keep clicking and make memories! 

55. Buy travel insurance:

I hope you’ll be safe in your journey. But if ever you get injured then you have to pay long bills from hospitals and medical treatments. 

Travel insurance can save you from those bills. So, buy travel insurance for you.

Have a safe journey!

56. Pack important daily essentials without forgetting them:

Pack your daily care essentials without forgetting them or you have to purchase it from local places. 

it can possibly harm you or can affect your little doing budget.

57. Always keep your hotel address and room number in your mobile phone:

Keep your hotel address and room number in your mobile phone. Because possibly you can forget. 

This tip will help you back to your hotel. 

58. Inform your bank for your credit/ debit cards:

If you’re using them out of the country then your cards will block and every time you should have called the bank to unblock them. 

So, the better way is to tell them before going for a journey. So you don’t have to face any resistance. 

59. Book your tickets early for cheap flight:

Book your tickets 2-3 months ago on your journey. You will get cheaper flights. 

And always buy return tickets as well. Two-way tickets will save your money more.

60. Keep travel first aid kit:

Always carry your travel first aid kit with you. 

In case, you get minor burns or cuts you can treat yourself without going to the local doctors. And you don’t have to find a medical store there. 

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61. Be a free soul during travel:

Make yourself easy and free for going anywhere. 

If you’re traveling alone, be a free soul, it will make you explore more things without any embarrassment.

62. Trust on people:

Ask local people for your help in finding street food and local markets. and trust them wisely. 

Always be in your senses when you ask them for help. 

63. Keep an extra pair of shoes:

Always keep an extra pair of shoes in case your shoes tear out during hiking or trekking.

64. Don’t change your currency at the airport:

They will give you the worst change. So never change your currency on airports.

65. Fix your traveling budget:

First, fix your traveling budget and spend it accordingly. 

So you can save yourself from running out of money and track your budget.

66. Keep books within you:

If you’re a book lover, then keep quality books of travel and according to your interests to read them during the free time of your journey. 

And you can buy a book about that place where you travel to feel those places. 

Books are great friends and information sources. 

67. Learn some packing techniques:

Learn the interlocking method and many other methods to fold your clothes and put them in your bag. 

It will save you time and space as well. These methods will create more space in your bag.

68. Take a local SIM card:

Always buy a local SIM card for cheaper data and connection. For buying them carry your proof within you. 

69. Stay safe and enjoy:

Being a traveler, you guys always enjoy the places, food, and people around you. Keep doing it. 

But safety is your first priority, remember that!

70. Take a walk in a city if you’re in abroad:

If you are going abroad for a trip, then take a walk in the city instead of a travel train or bus. 

The walk can give you the most amazing feeling. And you can see the highest building around you. 

And the night walks are more beautiful. As you can take the best pictures during the night.

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71. Carry your towel:

Going to beaches? So, you have to keep a towel within you. And a dry towel will help you as it dries easily. Beaches are all about swimming and water. 

So keep the towel in your bag. Because water and beaches are made for getting wet.

72. Always visit the local tourism office:

People usually don’t go to the local tourism office. But you should have to. 

They will help you with many activities, places, and maps also. 

The best option is to visit the local tourism office first in the city. 

73. Always carry handy lock:

Handy locks are important as you can lock your bags and money bag. Always carry the one!

74. Read the history of those places:

Search on the internet about local places and their history.

75. Take your lunch in luxurious hotels:

If you want to explore luxurious and expensive hotels. Want to try multicuisine?

Then go for lunch instead of dinner. They provide cheap food during day time and many schemes are available too.

76. Use meetup apps:

If you want to meet people around the city or places then use local meetup apps. 

It is the best way to connect. 

77. Avoid taxis:

Avoid taxis and take more walks. Unnecessarily, taking taxis is a bad idea as it can affect your budget. 

To save money, always take a walk.

78. Try new food:

Always, try new food during your journey. But take care of your health too. 

Don’t eat excess if you love food.

79. Don’t over plan your trip:

Over planning for your trip is a waste of time. Just plan a little and enjoy your trip.

80. Be patient:

Don’t forget to pack your patience. Yes! Patience, keep calm and breathe during travel. 

We all know that we’re not a creature who left their homes frequently. 

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81. Be respectful to people:

Always talk to people politely and in a respectful manner. Your manners are most important for people. 

Be a gentleman or woman!

82. Get vaccinated:

Always get vaccinated to save yourself from any virus or flu. 

83. Take pictures of you and your luggage:

Frequently take pictures of you and your luggage like when you reach the airport, roaming around the city, reach your hotel and send them to your family or close ones.  

84. Avoid makeup:

Never wear makeup when you go out for the journey or a trip. It can spread due to sunlight, water, or many other factors. And you’ll look bad. So please don’t wear makeup. 

Still, you want to do it then wear lipstick only.

85. Don’t click pictures from heightened and danger areas:

Nowadays clicking pictures from heightened positions to get more likes is in trend. But don’t do it. 

Accidentally, you can slip from there. Afterall, Safety is first. 

86. Buy some local creativity:

You can buy local small paintings, pictures, crafts, and wearable clothes or ornaments. Which shows their local customs. 

Trust me you will get a nice collection after many trips.

87. Buy things for your friends and family:

If you see something interesting around you for your friends and family members. Then buy it. 

It will make them happy. Or if you don’t find the perfect gift for them then buy any local creativity or key chains. 

Memories are more important.

88. Don’t afraid or panic:

After this much precaution, if you lost then don’t be afraid or panic. 

Be calm and find the way. 

If you lost your luggage or purse then go to the local police station for help. And think with a calm mind. 

Don’t lose your patient!

89. Don’t forget to write:

Don’t forget to write everything that you have enjoyed during your journey. 

Your journal will get nice stories and pictures at the end.

90. Always download local apps

Download local apps of countries you visit. It will help you to find out the best food restaurant, shopping markets and places to visit also. 

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91. Keep an offline/online dictionary:

Keep an offline/ online dictionary in local languages where you’re going to visit. 

It will help you to understand some basic words like hi, bye, or rates.

92. Take your nap properly:

Always enjoy places with a fresh mood. If you want to wake up with a fresh mind then you should take a nap properly. Go to bed early during the journey.

93. Do adventure:

People love adventure. So, keep doing the adventurous thing. 

This is the best way among all to explore something amazing. 

94. Pack your swimsuits:

If you’re going to the island or on a beach. Always pack your swimsuits. Because you’re already carrying a few clothes. 

So, don’t take a risk or you’ll have to suffer from that.

95. Never wear expensive ornaments:

Don’t wear expensive ornaments like a gold chain, gold earrings or expensive watches. 

Stay simple and travel without fear to lose anything. 

96. Always carry a few packets of snacks:

Carry a few packets of snacks with you, so you can fill your stomach a little. For your little hunger.

97. Don’t use a mobile phone in public places:

Continuously using your mobile phones in public places is dangerous as a thief can snatch it from you. 

So use it only when you need it. Till you can keep it in your bag.

98. If there is no internet, embrace your activities:

There is no connection in the hotel,  then play the game with your friends, read books and take a walk around the hotel. 

99. Always follow your routine:

No matter you’re traveling, you should follow your routine. 

Take lunch and dinner at a fixed time and take a nap regularly. So you can stay healthy and fit for travel.

100. Leave your comfort zone behind:

If you want to become a traveler, leave your comfort zone behind. It can give you confidence and help to overcome anxiety or disorders. 

101. Get your phone unlocked:

Always keep your phone unlocked. It can help you to buy a local SIM card. And can use cheap data and can access to your google maps and Snapchat for finding friends nearby you. 


So, I hope these travel tips work. You can do more. Though, It was a long post! 

Travel lovers, Are you ready to explore more? We wish these 101 travel tips are helpful whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Well, what do you think? Do you agree with all of the Travel tips? If you have more then tell me in the comment section. It can help me and other people as well. What say?

Tada !!!

Have a safe and wonderful journey !!!


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