Himachal Pradesh is just one of the northernmost regions of India, located in the northwestern area of the beautiful Himalayas, and stands out as India’s greenery outdoor playground due to its diverse topography and stunning natural beauty. When choosing Himachal Pradesh having a list of the Best Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh is a must. 

In beginning, Himachal Pradesh has limited tourists and those were the pilgrims. But when the British established their chain of hillside stations, after that the number of tourists increased. And after hillside stations, tourists are increasing day by day.

A visit to Himachal Pradesh is a whole experience by itself, acquainting you with what an interesting trip should be. If you have actually not visited this specific yet, you’re losing out on something unique.

If you need to recognize what makes those locations unique apart from the rest, you need to visit or check here those best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh.

Best place to visit in Himachal Pradesh

1. Manali

Manali is situated at an altitude of 6726 feet which offers magnificent views of the snow-crowned hills. Also, it offers you the chance to ensure your fitness degree with the showing-off centers.

The locations in Manali will be more pleasurable and serve you among the very best endeavors in your life. The best time to visit Manali is in winter when you can witness the snowfall. 

2. Shimla

Among one of the most well-known hillside stations of North India – Shimla which is the right mix of Indian magnificence with British elegance. It used to be the summer funding of the British Raj when they ruled India. This city is quite famous for its colonial-style structures and historic train. The best to visit Shimla is from October to February. 

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3. Kasauli

Kasauli undoubtedly discovers a place in the list of the well-known in Himachal Pradesh. It is among those places where the fog rests on the inclines of hills, and everything appears to have a wonderful mood.

This place showcases its colonial side through colonial-era houses and the Christ Church. The thick greenery mainly consists of evergreen. Monkey Point, the highest point in this field, provides incredible views of the environment. It is one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh.

Lawrence Institution, located in Sanawar, is about a century old and a significant attraction. However, come here not simply for exploration, but also to take in the peace in the environment. You can visit Kasauli during the month of February when the temperature is cool and moderate. 

4. Chitkul

In the Kinnaur region of Himachal, there is a small but charming town, Chitkul, which is perhaps the last inhabited town near the border with Indochina.

There isn’t much to see and perform in the community, however, its beautiful landscape including rich green greenery, snow-laden hills and apple orchards, and peaceful ambiance make it a dreamland for those seeming at one with nature – in peace and quiet. The best time to visit Chitkul is during November and December. 

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5. Dharamsala

It is located in the Kangra Valley, the community of Dharamsala is the home of the exiled Tibetan Government. The Dalai Lama used to live in Dharamsala, and because of him, many Tibetans have followed him there.

People group to Dharamsala to undertake Buddhist meditation and philosophy courses, Tibetan food preparation courses, Tibetan language courses, and to receive alternative therapies. Witness the ultimate beauty of Dharamsala in the month of October to January when the temperature is not high and not low. 

6. Spiti

Straddling the river Spiti, it’s the home of numerous of one of the most magnificent Buddhist locations in addition to some of the most widespread tourist destinations.

This remote, high-altitude location of Himachal Pradesh is hidden against the boundary of Ladakh and Tibet. Rudyard Kipling explained Spiti as a world within a world. The best time to visit this place is from the month of October to January.

7. Dalhousie

Dalhousie is a year-round holiday location but looks even more spectacular in the winter season when the whole hillside community is blanketed in a white sheet.

Overflowing with hills, cascading falls, lakes, and lush pine and oak trees, experience enthusiasts love to find Dalhousie to take part in outside tasks, like trekking, river rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and outdoor camping. Dalhousie is considered one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh and you can consider the month of December to visit this place. 

8. Palampur

Palampur is one of the best hillside stations in India. Here you will come across rows of tea plantations and rice paddies, as well as colonial architecture and several temples.

It offers magnificent views of the Dhauladhar Range together with the inclines of Kangra Valley. Some of the best attractions of Palampur are St. John’s Church, the Bundle Chasm, which consists of beautiful falls, and the magnificent Dhauladhar Range from Neogal Park. Palampur can be on your list during the month of February. 

9. Kinnaur

The changing faces of nature can be witnessed at Kinnaur, which exists in between India and Tibet and is bordered by the majestic Himalayan and Dhauladhar ranges.

The Sangla Valley is a large expanse of green dotted with orchards of apples, peaches, and apricots. Kothi is just one of the lots of places that draw in poets, authors, and peace enthusiasts.

A fascinating spectacle awaits you in Morang with its 18-sided arch in silver, gold, and brass which dates back to the Mahabharata era. The town of Lippa also attracts tourists with its 3 Buddhist monasteries. The best time to visit Kinnaur is during the month of October to January.

10. Kullu

Kullu is a nature lover’s heaven. Plentiful with rich plants, pristine river streams, and a fantastic environment, Kullu is known as one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Travelers generally combine to visit Mandi and Kullu in one journey. And it is really so adorable journey of them. Have Kullu on your list during the month of winter as Kullu and Manali are the best combos to take. 


The places we mentioned above are the best place to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Hence, we have provided the very best information on attractions in Himachal Pradesh to improve your view with the finest concerns and have a risk-free and pleasurable trip to any one of these prior places.