Haryana has all the delightful reasons to visit, ranging from heritage and spirituality to religion. It is the home of nature lovers. Before landing at the place of Haryana, it is advisable to keep the list of Best Places to Visit in Haryana, so that you don’t miss a single spot. With the delightful beauties and location, Haryana has great educational talent. Most of the IPS and IAS officers are from this land and are serving our country to an impeccable extent.

The place is counted among the most economically developed states in India as it is the most prosperous state in various fields, such as industry, agriculture, and sports.

Best Places to Visit in Haryana

Best Places to Visit in Haryana

#1. Kurukshetra

Places to Visit in Haryana, Kurukshetra

It is considered the land of Mahabharata and is also referred to as Dharmakshetra. It is famous for the battle between Kauravas and Pandavas in the Hindu epic. Lord Krishna recited the Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna in this holy place. It is the greatest devout center, where holy shrines and kunds trace back to the epic ages. The best moment to visit Kurukshetra is from September to March. The place is rich in history and has many historical backgrounds to cover.

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#2. Gurgaon


Gurgaon is the millennium city of India and has an unknown suburb of the national capital region. The place is the most urbanized city of India and also has a great skyline that can easily rival those of Hong Kong and Singapore. It is the fastest holiday spot for all the tourists. For nature lovers, the place has exquisite attractions, such as unique flora and fauna. The Sultanpur National Park and Bird Sanctuary is a place where one can go to have some peacetime. You may also consider Sohna Lake, where the whole sand is believed to contain gold particles. The best season to visit Gurgaon is in the winter season.

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#3. Faridabad


Faridabad is the major industrial hub and the largest city of Haryana. It has two distinct divisions, Faridabad and Ballabgarh. It is exquisitely famous for the production of Heena from the agricultural sector. Faridabad also has the primary industrial sector like tractors, motorcycles, switch gears, refrigerators, shoes, tires, and garments. The best time to visit Faridabad is in September, October, November, December, and from February to March. The place can be considered one of the best places to visit in Haryana because of its richness in the industrial sector and pleasant weather.

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#4. Panchkula


Situated on the way to Shimla Hills, this place is considered one of the Best Places to Visit in Haryana. It is loudly known for the ruins of the Channels and Trekking on Morni Hills teemed with peacocks. It is considered as the satellite town that forms the trinity with Chandigarh and Mohali. The city is ruled by the Channels from the 9th to12th Century. The hill city derived its name from five irrigation canals that drew water from the uphill Ghagghar. The popular variety of entertainment in Panchkula is Sector 5. The place constitutes an open-air Amphitheatre and the Terminals Ballistic Research Laboratory of the DRDO. The best time to visit Panchkula is in the winter season.

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#5. Rohtak


Rohtak is the heart of Haryana and happens to be a part of the National Capital Region (NCR). The city is divided into two parts- Rohtak and Meham. The place has a long-standing history that is preserved in its abandoned yet fostered ruins. It has the most beautiful lakes like Bhindawas Lake and Tilyar Lake. Tilyar Lake is the best for an outing as it is a complex house in its vast compound. You will also find a splash water park which has a promising fun experience. The best time to visit Rohtak is in the winter season. It experiences pleasant weather in November, December, January, and February.

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#6. Panipat 


This place is famous for three historical battles- The first battles of Panipat, the Second battle of Panipat, and the Third battle of Panipat. Panipat is a magnificent place because of its innumerable monument, forts, temples, and historical connections. It is also known as “City of Weavers”, and “ Textile City.” Moreover, the place is founded by Pandavas during the time of Mahabharata and is one of the five cities. If you are an archaeological lover, then Old Fort belonging to the Islamicate Rule, the Kabuli Shah Mosque, Ibrahim Lodhi’s grave, and the tomb of Bu Ali Shah Kalandar will delight you deeply. The best season to visit the place is during the winter.

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#7. Manesar 


The place is a blend of modern and traditional lifestyles. It is the upcoming destination that can be visited from Delhi to Jaipur through a road trip. You are highly advised to spend a day in the town to experience farm tourism, spas and relax. Manesar is a growing industrial suburb and is the best place to visit in Haryana because of its rugged rural life. Visitors are fans of Aravalli Hills and Manesar fans. The best time to visit Manesar is December, January, and February as the weather is pleasant during these months. Moreover, you can visit the farms without any scorching heat issues during these months.


Having Haryana on your tour list will not only provide you with a pleasant holiday but also with the best educational trip. Also, holding the list of best places to visit in Haryana will always be helpful because time is the only constraint here.